Beautiful Destinations You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

Creating a bucket list of destinations you want to visit is a rite of passage for any traveler. These places encompass your goals and aspirations for the future, so it can also be a daunting task. There are certain places in the world that many would include on their list including the destinations below. What places are on yours? 

Paris, France

The City of Lights is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. With the art and food alone, you could be occupied for weeks if not months. While in Paris, you could visit the Louvre, sail the river, and visit any number of famous bakeries and cafes. Whether you want a trip that is full of rest and relaxation or you want to conquer the city, Paris has something for anybody. 

Penonome, Panama

Filled with history and culture, Penonome is the capital of the province Cocle. There are of course gorgeous beaches like the Playa Santa Clara and waterfalls such as the Yayas Falls. If you want a taste of history, check out the Penonome Cathedral or immerse yourself in nature with a wildlife tour. If you want to experience more of Panama, you can always book a Panama Canal cruise

Meteora, Greece

Once a haven for monks fleeing persecution, Meteora, Greece, is a rock formation that will leave you in awe. These mountains soar towards the heavens and house different monasteries that are built on the very precipice of these cliffs. There are 24 different monasteries that are open for you to visit and do not worry, the rope ladders that were once used to access these places have now been replaced with stairs.

Monument Valley, Arizona and Utah, USA

A perfect place for someone who loves nature, Monument Valley is a gorgeous location. You can hike, camp, and just wander, experiencing one of the most spectacular views in the world. Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation and is located on the Utah and Arizona border.  This is an iconic area and it played host to countless western films in the past. 

Tokyo, Japan

While Japan boasts an entire island worthy of visiting, Tokyo has become iconic because of its bustling culture and futuristic cityscape. Consider checking out the Robot Restaurant which has become a must-see for any tourist. Because Tokyo has so much to offer, consider taking a guided tour through the city so you do not miss a thing. 


Iceland is the only destination on this list where there is no city or place specified because no matter where you choose in Iceland, you cannot go wrong. Iceland offers volcanos, hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, and geysers. A paradise for those who seek out natural beauty whenever they travel, Iceland even offers views of the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

If you find beauty in neon lights, then Las Vegas is the city for you. Known as Sin City, Las Vegas offers many amenities and lots of entertainment. There are many different hotels for any personality, whether something like the Hard Rock Hotel with its on-site beach piques your interest or the classic Caesar’s Palace is more your speed. You can gamble or if you would rather hold on to your money, check out the plethora of live shows any night of the week. 

Rome, Italy

Famous for its ruins, Rome is a great place for people who love to walk and experience living history. You can visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. If you want to see some of the most famous art in the entire world, stop at the Sistine Chapel or St. Peter’s Basilica. Rome is also a central location to see so many great things in Italy including the Tuscan countryside and the Amalfi coast. Italy, in general, is known for its amazing food and wine, and Rome is no exception. 

No matter what place you pick from the list above, you could have the trip of a lifetime. Are any of these places on your traveling bucket list?


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