Best 5 Silk Saree Shops in Chandigarh

Where to look for a top-quality saree in India? Definitely, Chandigarh must be included in your list of the most prominent cities to shop for this dress. There are around 35 shops that sell sarees and dresses for special events in this place. We are going through 5 of them in this article. This is the top of the best 5 saree shops in Chandigarh.


Although some claim this shop is operating from Panchkula it’s still considered amongst the best shops for women in this tri city area. Unquestionably, it seems to be a little expensive but the inventory and the products they offer are worth the money. Most of the sarees are handloom products from different parts of the country. Not only do they offer the best silk sarees but also top-quality bed sheets for when you need to strip your bed off its old sheets. You will need to walk around the store to find a good suit that goes in line with your budget. Veena Center’s inventory is full of high-range clothes, so be prepared to spend. They have a lot of silk fabric clothing.

Satya Paul

Satya Paul is another shop that stays open until 8:30pm for diehard workers. Even though it has a smaller collection of clothes and sarees, all the clothing garments and dresses are superb. It doesn’t have such a good variety of men wear, but such an array of sarees of all colors and prices for the most demanding Indian women. At Satya, you can find very costly and luxurious dresses for special events like graduations and weddings.

Gulati’s Poshak

Ready for top-quality clothing pieces? Well, this is probably the right place.

Gulati is located in sector 17 in Chandigarh, which is widely known as the street of fabrics, dresses and women’s wear. They offer a decent collection of women’s clothes at very nice prices. Their staff will help you take your pick so you won’t have a hard time trying to find the desired product. In a nutshell, price and decent collection are the two words that best define Gulati.

Meenu Saree Center

Maybe, you are a very demanding client when it comes to sarees. If you are like that, consider visiting Meenu Saree Center, a 4-star women store in the middle of Chandigarh city. They have quite a vast collection of clothes for women of all ages, so you can buy something for your wedding or your niece; Meenu has all that. What makes Meenu Center special is the amazing and almost endless collection of suits and gowns.

GPS saree

It opens very early in the morning until 9pm. GPS is a clothing store for both men and women. They also have a varied collection and decent rates not to sniff at. The store is constantly receiving merchandise and Bharatshali dresses so they can satisfy the most faddish customers. Don’t hesitate to come here if you want a saree. GPS is also constantly receiving customers from other cities as it has gained popularity in the recent years.


Certainly, these are the best sari shop options available in the area. They come with an appealing variety of products and services at a very low price. Chandigarh is hands-down, the hub of sarees.


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