Best 9 Tips To Keep An Engaging Twitter Feed For Your Company

Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms that offer a suitable position for companies who want to engage and grow with their customers. WP Dev Shed assumes since many other social media platforms are offering the same, the competition might get tough, and companies might fail to gain their target success rates as assumed. Each and every social media software has an algorithm, which, if appropriately used, results in an amazing amount of success in more than one way. Using Twitter tips in the best way possible would not do the trick, but the main focus is to keep your content desirable in the profile. People follow other people, products, or any other thing of interest, making it tough for a company to keep them interested in their product. Now, how can a company use Twitter in the best way possible to keep an engaging audience who keep coming for more? To help you with those doubts, I am here to give you the Best 9 Tips To Keep An Engaging Twitter Feed For Your Company to keep your audience interested and engaged with the products you sell to grow more and achieve the success you always dreamt of. So let’s not waste our time and learn how you can increase traffic for your company in just a few tips.

9 Tips To Keep An Engaging Twitter Feed

  • Make A Visually Attractive Profile

A visually stunning profile will bring in more attention than a plain white background. Make sure that your Twitter profile contains attractive, relatable images, GIFs, and videos for your targeted audience. So keep it detailed and clean

  • Create Interesting Content

No one wants to read or look at the same old things on the internet over and over again. Make sure you post interesting contents that will keep your audience engaged. You can Retweet to help your company connect to its customers and peers. Keep it simple yet effective. 

  • Include A CTA (Call-to-action) Button

If you are finally able to gain the attention of your desired customers, then it is your job to let them know what to do next, for which you need to make sure to include a CTA button as simple as ‘ Click here ‘ or use it for public services so that your customers know where to go and gain more information about the company. Also, ask for retweets

  • Include A Tweet Button In The Posts

Including a tweet button in your posts can be a great tool to integrate your channel’s popularity. You can use interesting discussions or trends to encourage your audience to tweet your company’s content to gain more tweets and followers. 

  • Avoid Excessive Use Of Hashtags

It is known that an ample amount of hashtags helps your audience to find your content but do make sure that you don’t overdo it since excessive use of hashtags may lead to cluttering and annoy readers. Use limited and only important hashtags. 

  • Engage In Twitter Polls

Engagement is an important aspect of driving a social media platform. The use of Twitter Polls provides you with a way to communicate with your target audience and lets you gather valuable insights about their opinions. Make your followers feel special and valued while promoting the company’s name and its products. 

  • Keep It Unique

With so many profiles doing their best to gain attention, it is very important to stay creative and unique. Make your profile interactive with different topics of interest but never going off the charts too much. Make sure you stick to your brand’s image and post interesting content related to it. Keep it fun

  • Tweet Regularly

Everything requires time and effort. One basic way to increase brand awareness is to constantly Tweet in your company’s profile, at least once or twice a day. Spend time on your research, watch industry trends, go through brand mentions, and do not forget to respond to your customers. 

  • Listen, Not Just Talk

Since social media platforms run two-ways, you cannot be the only one doing the talking. Ensure you listen to your followers, take feedback and make changes to your products for the best results and track your company’s community, the analytics, and your steady growth


With technology taking over the world, everyone needs to move forward with it. The use of social media platforms is a necessity with its widespread use around the globe. Businesses, companies, products, or brands to use it to its full potential. Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms with almost half of the world’s population and serves as an important prospect for its growth. A good marketing effort helps the company and its people by bringing more traffic and attention to your company. The tips mentioned in the article will help you in gaining more followers, which will eventually increase sales and brand awareness, so make sure to use each one of them, as mentioned in the article, so that your company grows.


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