Top 7 Pubs and Bars in Jalandhar to Go Out For a Drink

The people of Jalandhar know how to enjoy life and naturally there are a lot bars and pubs in Jalandhar. These places have been the sole reason which are keeping the city’s nightlife alive by offering a great experience to theri customer. Jalandhar is not only home to Punjabis but also to students from all parts of the country courtesy Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar. From the 5 Star Bars and Restaurants to downright affordable ones, the city has it all.  Although there are a lot of places in the city to go for a drink, we at Chandigarh Metro decided to bring you the whole list of the most popular and worthy bars in Jalandhar.

The Brewmaster, Jalandhar

The Brewmaster is one of the most popular names when it come to pubs and bars in Jalandhar. The chain has several other establishments in cities like Ludhiana, Mohali and Amritsar. The place is famous for its family friendly atmosphere and offers great food both in terms of appetizers and main course. The rooftop area is the best place to be seated when you enjoy your freshly brewed beer here. The price for two individuals including beer is approximately 2000 Rupees. It is the closest experience to homely feel you will ever get.

Address: 4th Floor, Chunmun Mall,, 323 New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001

Contact: 084277 18000

The Brew Haus

Another microbrewery in the list, the Brew Hauz is very popular pub in Amritsar among the young beer lovers of the city. Having two other outlets in cities of Ludhiana and Amritsar, this bar has done its homework in terms of what the Punjabi customer really needs. Their freshly brewed beers include American Lager, Dry Irish Scout, Honey Weizen, and winter lager. It is also one of the rare bars where you can have the beer Bavaria in both its Gold and Light avatars. Located at the Garha Road near Sahota Complex it is easily accessible for all the beer lovers of Jalandhar city.

Address: 104-105, Sahota Complex, Garha Road, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001

Contact: 0181 223 3199

Cheers The Pub Bar and Restaurant

Chicken Jackson anyone? Well if you have heard of this place then chances are you also know the legacy of the Chicken Jackson they serve. Absolutely mouth watering appetizers are the highlight of this place which also manages to be easy on the wallet. This Jalandhar bar and pub also doubles up as a restaurant and is the perfect place if you need to take your family along. The ambience is great and the location is easily accessible.

Address: 23, Grand Mall Building,Near BMC Chowk, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001

Contact: 0181 507 4617

Soul Karma Restaurant, Urban Estate Phase 2, Jalandhar

Although not a sports bar, this place light up during the IPL season. The place is largely crowded that time of the year and the offers at this bar in Jalandhar make it a sure stop. The Soul Karma Restaurant offers vegetarian or non vegetarian buffet with unlimited beer in just Rupees 599 and that made it the perfect place to cheer our beloved Kings XI Punjab. There is fresh draught beer on tap along with an extensive bottled menu consisting of imported and Indian.

Address: 15, PPR Mall, Mithapur Rd, Ravindra Nagar, Cheema Nagar, Urban Estate phase II, Jalandhar, Punjab 144003

Contact: 0181 460 0060


Kind of a sports bar, the ambience of this pub in Jalandhar will fetch you in. The place houses a pool table where you can enjoy billiards with your gang of friends. They make sure they are on the radar of every man in the Jalandhar city who is looking to enjoy every India cricket match with a oint of their favourite beer. There are a lot of offers on the draught beer which can be had in towers, pitchers or if one prefers a traditional can itself.

Address: SC 8 & 9, Chotti Baradari, Crystal Plaza, Jalandhar, Punjab 144042

Contact: 0181 465 8818

Blue’s Pub Bar and Restaurant

If you are looking for an affordable place to go out and have drinks with your friends then the Blue’s Pub and bar in Jalandhar might be the best fit for you. True to the name, the ambience is largely blue due to the blue LED lighting and helps in maintaining a character at this place. The food delivery is prompt and the waiters including the rest of the staff are polite and considerate.

Address: Jassa Singh Ramgaria Chowk, Near Modi Nursing Home, Civil Line, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001

Contact: 094643 81880

Taj Bar and Restaurant, Jalandhar

Taj Bar and Restaurant is one of the more family friendly places on the list.  The place has a cozy ambience for a gathering with friends and family and also falls easy on the pocket. The bar menu is nothing very extensive but you may easily be able to find a choice of your drink easily. The highlight of this Jalandhar bar is the quality of food which really manages to uplift the overall experience one can have here.

Address: Leader Factory Road, Neta Market, Industrial Area, Jalandhar, Punjab 144004

Contact: 0181 229 3636

These abovementioned names really put the city on the map when it comes to best bars and pubs in Jalandhar. Although some of the places are very expensive, we made sure we squeeze in some pretty affordable ones too. The average cost to visit any one of these places lies roughly between 1300-1700 Rupees which is pretty decent keeping in mind the ambience and choice of drinks on he menu of most of the places. From freshly brewed beer to the choicest of bottled varieties you can have it all in these places. A lot of these names like Brewmaster and Brew Hauz are a chain of successful bars and pubs from Ludhiana and Chandigarh. Keeping the trend alive, more major chains from these cities are likely to join the bandwagon and have their own establishments in the Jalandhar city. Since the people from all parts of the country come to the city, thanks to the institutions like Lovely Professional City, it makes more sense to have bigger and better bars in town that are at par with cities like Ludhiana and Chandigarh.


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