Best University Scholarships in the UK

High-quality education, good employability rate and a rich cultural experience have made the United Kingdom a preferred destination for international students for quite some time. 

Now, meritorious students who are not from financially affluent backgrounds can fulfil their dreams of studying in the UK. Top-ranked universities in the UK offer scholarships for eligible candidates. This piece details some of the best university scholarships in the UK. 

List of the Best University Scholarships in the UK

Some of the top-ranked educational institutions are in the United Kingdom. Earlier, it was the educational destination of the elites. But now, these university scholarships make it possible for international students from every stratum of society to pursue higher education in the UK. 

Given below is the list of some of the best university scholarships in the UK – 

University Scholarship 
University of Cambridge Gates Cambridge Scholarship 

Cambridge International Scholarships

University of Oxford  Clarendon Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarship

Imperial College London Imperial Bursary 

President’s Undergraduate Scholarship

University College London UCL Scholarships
University of East London  Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries

UEL Postgraduate Scholarship

Cardiff University Cardiff India Scholarship

Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Teesside University Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

International Development Scholarship

Deans’ International Scholarships

University of Westminster Great Start Scholarship

International Part Fee Scholarship 

Detailed Descriptions of the University-Specific Scholarships

Let us look at detailed descriptions of the scholarships – 

  • University of Cambridge

This institution is renowned for its original research and significant academic contribution to society. Two major scholarships are discussed below:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

This prestigious scholarship is awarded to exceptionally bright international candidates for pursuing postgraduate/PhD/MSc/MLitt education at Cambridge University. 

It provides the full cost of studying at Cambridge. The amount is GBP 18,384 for 12 months. It is provided for 4 years. Additionally, students receive single economy airfare at the beginning and end of the course, inbound visa costs and the costs and immigration health surcharge expenses. 

Cambridge International Scholarships

Cambridge Trusts provide Cambridge International Scholarships to eligible candidates who wish to pursue a PhD degree. 

This scholarship will cover the university tuition fee, annual stipend (for a single person) and immigration health surcharge. 

  • University of Oxford

The university is well known worldwide for its research facilities, excellence and innovation. Two famous scholarships are discussed below:

Clarendon Scholarships

Oxford University Press and Donors offer this scholarship to international students to pursue graduate studies at this institution. 

Candidates, who pursue a full-time program, would receive a minimum of GBP 15,009. Part-time students would receive a minimum of GBP 5,003. 

Rhodes Scholarships 

This prestigious scholarship is provided to eligible candidates for pursuing postgraduate programs. The university provides 100 Rhodes scholarships each year. 

The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel, accommodation, and health insurance. This academic year, the stipend amount is GBP 15,900 per annum. 

  • Imperial College London

This institution is famous across the world for its overseas programs and international university partnerships. It offers bursaries and scholarships to eligible students. Two of them are as follows: 

Imperial Bursary

Bursaries are non-repayable supports which are awarded for various reasons. The amount of the Imperial Bursary ranges from GBP 2,000 to GBP 5,000. 

President’s Undergraduate Scholarship

Every year 112 scholarships are awarded. The amount is GBP 1000 for each undergraduate year of study. 

  • University College London

Its history of academic excellence and consistency in maintaining a top rank has made it a preferred institution for international students. 

UCL Scholarships

This institution provides scholarships and bursaries to eligible students for their undergraduate and postgraduate education and research. Some of them are department specific, and often, the amount depends on the candidate’s application. 

However, the UCL Global Masters Scholarship amount is GBP 15,000 per annum. 

  • University of East London

Students who wish to avail a hands-on learning experience can choose the University of East London. Some of its financial supports are as follows: 

Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries

There are many undergraduate scholarships and bursaries provided to eligible candidates. The amount provided under Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship is GBP 27,750. The amount provided under Hardship Bursary is GBP 3,000. 

UEL Postgraduate Scholarship

This university provides many scholarships and discounts to eligible candidates for pursuing their education. Postgraduate Scholarship offers a 50% discount on course fees. 

  • Cardiff University

Students choose this university for an innovative, rewarding and challenging educational experience. It offers many scholarships to deserving candidates –

Cardiff India Scholarship

Considering the number of bright Indian students who study in the UK, the university offers Cardiff India Scholarships to deserving candidates domiciled in the country. 

The amount is GBP 5000. 

Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship 

Recipients receive funding awards across undergraduate and postgraduate fields of study. 

The amount is GBP 2000.

  • Teesside University

Students who aspire to specialize in metallurgy, engineering and chemistry can study at Teesside University. Some of its famous scholarships are as follows: 

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Eligible candidates need to demonstrate their commitment to becoming future global leaders. Recipients would receive GBP 5000 as a one-off payment and a fee waiver in the first year of study. 

International Development Scholarship

Recipients would receive GBP 3000 in their first full academic year of study. 

Deans’ International Scholarships

Recipients would receive GBP 3000 as a fee waiver in their first full academic year of study. 

  • University of Westminster

Students who aspire to gain an enriching educational experience and enjoy various social, sporting and cultural activities can study at the University of Westminster. It has many scholarships for international students – 

Great Start Scholarship

Selection will be based on financial needs and personal statements. The amount provided is GBP 2000 per year. 

International Part Fee Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international fee-paying students with a minimum equivalent of 2.1 UK degrees. The amount provided is GBP 2000. 

Apart from the university-specific scholarships mentioned above, candidates can also apply for the scholarships mentioned below. 

List of General Scholarships for International Students

Given below is the list of scholarships that international students can avail – 

  • Commonwealth Scholarship

Eligible candidates from Commonwealth countries can avail this scholarship to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK. 

  • Chevening Scholarship

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK Government offers this scholarship to eligible students for pursuing a one-year Master’s course. 

  • Felix Scholarship

Eligible candidates from India and other developing countries can avail Felix scholarships to pursue their postgraduate education in the UK. 

  • Inlaks Scholarship

Exceptionally talented young Indians can avail this scholarship to pursue their studies abroad. 

  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

Eligible Indians can avail this scholarship at the early to mid-stages of their career. It enables them to widen their academic and professional horizons while spending time in the UK. 

  • Goa Education Trust Scholarship

Young and eligible residents of Goa or candidates born to Goan parents can avail this scholarship to study in the UK. 

This blog has provided a list of both university-specific and general scholarships for interested candidates. Armed with some of the best university scholarships in the UK, eligible people can open up the window of possibilities and step into the future. 


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