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The main attraction of any party is the cake, besides the person cutting it, of course. There’s always a cake, whether a grand celebration or a small house party. From a kidโ€™s first birthday cake to a 50th-anniversary celebration cake, the dessert is an inseparable part of the day. What always varies is the flavor and design. Needless to say, the shape, size, design, weight, etc changes according to the type and size of the celebration. Well, whatever day you are remarking, there are plenty of unusual cakes that can make their way into your memory book. Here are some of them:

Pinata Cakes

Back at the time, we can all recall a big balloon tied to the ceiling and giving us all different types of candies and chocolates when busted. Well, this is somewhat the idea behind pinata cakes. The cake is protected by an outer shell that needs to be destroyed by a hammer that comes along. Inside, thereโ€™s an edible treat that we all want: a scrumptious cake. What makes it more fun is that you can add anything inside the shell. It makes a celebration more exciting and entertaining because you never know whatโ€™s inside the cover layer, a toy, or a smash cake instead of an edible cake.

Pull me up Cakes

Pull-me-up cakes have become an absolute favorite choice among the masses. Thanks to social media, these cakes became a trend in no time and you might have seen it too. It is a beautiful cake that is layered with a thick plastic sheet around. Upon pulling up the sheet, the toppings or the decorations of the cake overflow like lava and dropdown. It makes it more fascinating than the subtle organized cake. The fascinating downflow of the frosting creates instant interest. FYI, pull-me-up cakes are also known as tsunami cakes in case you can not find them.

Bomb Cakes

If you want your birthday cake to be more fun and a topic running in the air, a bomb cake is a perfect choice. It has a surprise and delight element attached already. As the name suggests, it looks like a grenade or a bomb with a lightning thread at the top. When you put on a little fire, BOOM! the bomb will explode. Surprisingly, unlike its outer shell, it will open up with a flavorful cake inside. The thrilling concept of the bomb cake is eye-catching and definitely the best way to surprise a friend. Bomb cake is perfect for any occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, you can put any shape, flavor, or even customized cake inside to make it a little more surprising.ย 

Unicorn Cakes

You have to agree, unicorns are the best mystical creatures ever created. They are beautiful horses with horns on its head representing happy and vibrant life. So is the case with cakes. The mesmerizing cakes in the shape of a unicorn topped with sparkles attract every child and even some adults. In fact, try ditching a barbie doll cake for a girlโ€™s birthday and get a unicorn cake instead. At first, these cakes were made in white and decorated with colorful sparkles. However, these days you can see multi-color unicorn cakes frosted with rich toppings., making them more lively and attractive.

Cartoon Cakes

Irrespective of the time and era, cartoon cakes have always been the all-time favorite cakes for kids. As you already know, cartoon cakes are baked in the shape of different funny and cute creatures. Some of the most common cartoon cakes are minion, Pikachu, Doraemon, motu patlu, tom & jerry, and many more. It all depends on your kidโ€™s preference for the show. In addition to this, some toddlers also like superhero theme cakes like superman, thor, spiderman, the flash, etc. However, keep in mind that a picture coated on the top of the cake is not a cartoon cake. They are actually called photo cakes. A cartoon cake is specially baked in the shape of the desired character.

The bakery industry has multiple cakes for different occasions that can be considered unique or unusual. In fact, there are multiple types of cakes for all occasions. For instance, there are tons of love-theme delectable valentines day cake. Besides flavors, the shape, size, design, and frosting of the cake are what make them extraordinary.


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