Bharatsthali – This Dedicated Online Saree Store Will Give You Prodigious Saree Goals

 Well, it is 2018 and e-commerce websites have become a major norm especially if you want your product to reach a wider set of prospective buyers. With a plethora of confusing deals on some major clothing stores online, there is very little fun experiences on these websites which honestly are looking to clone each other’s product to full potential. This is exactly the monotonous experience that Bharatsthali wants you to have a break from. They are an exclusive online store that focuses on reviving the ethnic designs from each corner of our country.

What is Bharatsthali?

At Bharatsthali’s website, you will find the most exquisite collection your eyes ever witnessed. They have tried to bring the rich cultural heritage of India back to life in fabric form and this is by far the best collection we have seen. They have attempted to embrace the legacy of each period of our history and offer their customers a chance to embody that.

They specialize in Kanjivaram Sarees which have garnered them quite some love from their customers. With a quick look at their website, you will find varieties here that you thought never existed before. This includes Gujrat’s Jamdani Patola, Telangana’s Uppada Pattu along with Dharmavaram and Bhagapuri range of Sarees.

How to Buy From Bharatsthali?

Well to start with there is the which is their official website which happens to be their primary way of trading. However, if you choose to wish to see things in person then you could visit their exquisite store in Panchkula’s Sector 6 area. The prices of their Sarees start from as low as 1,500 which ensures you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket shopping here. Even if you aren’t looking to buy one right now we strongly recommend you go through their collection on Instagram and save a few of them in your wishlist.

Visit to check out their entire collection.


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