BHU Sexual Harassment Case | Girl Protestors Await Legal Action, Whom to Blame?

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) sexual harassment case has turned out be the national issue as the girl students protesting on the university campus awaits legal action. Students who are staging protests and raising slogans against the blindfolded college administration of the BHU also had a clash with the cops, lately, and were lathi-charged. The cops didn’t even spared girls and bashed them brutally, injuring many badly.

The officials reported that the BHU protestors went violent due to which cops had to lathi- charge but others say that the protestors were manhandled and inflicted many who were fighting for their safety and justice. Some of the girls who were protesting on the BHU premises sustained grievous injuries and were bleeding profusely.

Updates in BHU student protest for safety issues

However, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has been criticised across the country for not providing adequate safety and security to the girl students within the university campus. The officials on the high level also opine that the BHU clash and escalated violence on the campus could have been controlled well in advance if the university’s administration would have timely communicated with girl protestors about their problems.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has ordered the investigation in the molestation case of the BHU girl student, that was headed by a retired High Court judge. The BHU Chief Proctor has now resigned from his designation on the moral grounds. He had taken the responsibility of the BHU sexual harassment case and also of the clash happened between the protesting girls and the cops.  

Meanwhile, the central government has also directed, the UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath to intervene in the BHU case on further instructions issue to the Chief Secretary of UP, had asked the divisional commissioner of Varanasi and ADG Varanasi to submit their reports at the earliest. Also, a joint report was also filed with him after recording the statements from the students, university officials and the girls’ hostel warden. 

How & when was girl groped on BHU Campus

The incident of the BHU molestation case occurred last week when a girl student riding a bicycle on the Banaras Hindu University campus was groped by two men on the motorcycle in the broad daylight. The victim who was riding her bicycle was heading to the girls’ hostel was first followed by two men on the motorcycle. The two men then came close to her and put their hands inside the kurta of the victim. The girl shouted for help to the guard standing a few meters from the spot where the incident of sexual harassment in BHU took place but he just smiled and said that such incidents will happen if girls will step out after 6 pm. The culprits fled from the spot and the girl who was then in a state of shock and trauma could not note down their motorcycle’s number.

The victim later complained her hostel warden about the incident and how it is unsafe to be on the BHU campus. But the warden also paid no heed to her complaints. It is when the girls staged the protest against their rights and safety within the BHU campus the case of sexual assault came into light at broader perspective and it escalated as clash followed by lathi charge.

In the wake of violence that broke in the BHU campus, the varsity is closed down till the things settle down and is likely to open on October 3. Also, the girl students of BHU sought legal action against the culprits and the BHU administration who failed to ensure women safety on the campus.



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