Bhulekhe (New Punjabi Song) Padam Singh ft.Parmish Verma | Official Video

Punjabi song Bhulekhe by Padam Singh is poised to touch your heart. The latest Punjabi song by Padam Singh- Bhulekhe expresses a beautiful love story but with a tragic end. Narinder Batth’s words have been harmoniously put in a soothing musical composition by ace music composer Desi Crew and Padam Singh’s voice adds to the essence of the song Bhulekhe. Parmish Verma’s this film again has been picturised beautifully and reaches the heart touching the love chords. The song is trending on Youtube and has already crossed the 7 lakh mark.

Padam Singh – Bhulekhe 

Padam Singh’s song  Bhulekhe that stars director/actor Parmish Verma is a tragic love story where the protagonist repeatedly undergoes hallucination of his beloved’s presence. The song opens with the stanza ‘Jadhu Koyal Koi Koke Aapde Bothe Te, Ya Koi Bacha Dare Pengh De Jhute Te... Which would probably mean ‘When a koel sings on her nest or when a child gets scared on a swing… Followed by the couplet Nede De Phool Jad Aapas Vich Kehande Ne, Menu Os Kudi De Fair Pulekhe Pende Ne which would mean when it appears that two flowers are in deep conversation with each other it seems she is somewhere around.

Padam Singh – Bhulekhe ft. Parmish Verma

Padam Singh - Bhulekhe ft. Parmish Verma

Singer: Padam Singh

Music: Desi Crew

Lyrics: Narinder Batth

Video by: Parmish Verma

Find out what happens with the girl? Where did she disappear? What happens with the lover and what singer Padam Singh is trying to express through his song Bhulekhe. See the video of the song Bhulekhe and get mesmerised in the heart touching video and get transported to a soothing musical valley.

Padam Singh – Bhulekhe ft. Parmish Verma | Official Video

The song bhulekhe by Padam Singh starts with the protagonist in his room. He gets up abruptly in the morning after he feels that his beloved was just with him in the room. He carries the same feeling of his beloved accompanying his wherever he moves. He goes down the memory lane when he sees a couple fighting in the park, he gets nostalgic by remembering the last glimpse of the girl in the house from where she just disappears.


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