Here’s Why Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Zubair Khan is Fraud & May Face Legal Action

Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Zubair Khan may soon face a legal action by the family of infamous Haseena Parkar, sister of most wanted underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim. Bigg Boss 11, which is television’s most controversial reality show is just a week old, has already started creating sensation across India. Zubair Khan, one of the inmates of the Colors TV reality show, Bigg Boss 11 is alleged of faking his association with the family of Haseena Parkar, which has annoyed the latter’s family who may now slap a legal case against him.

Legal spat for Bigg Boss 11 contestant Zubair Khan?

With the release of the contestant list of the Bigg Boss 11 came the news that Zubair Khan is the son- in- law of the Haseena Parkar, who was closely related to goons and dons. But as per the fresh reports, Zubair Khan’s tall claims of being the son -in- law of Hassena Parkar and producing the recently launched Bollywood biopic, starring Shraddha Kapoor are fake.

The Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Zubair Khan is said to have been making the false claims that has offended the family of Haseena Parkar and they will now file an FIR againts him. To confirm Zubair Khan’s publicity gimmick, Sameer Antulay told an English daily the-the Bigg Boss 11 contestant is spreading rumours of being associated with Haseena Parkar family to gain votes and remain in the reality game show. Sameer Antulay is real producer of the film Haseena Parkar, who is also closed to the Dawood Ibrahim family

Zubair Khan on Bigg Boss 11 is fraud, says Haseena Parkar family

Hushing up the fake and tall claims of Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Zubair Khan, of having connections with Dawood Ibrahim family, Sameer Antulay mentioned that he is a liar. He is said to have been lying on screen to remain in Bigg Boss 11, as fellow contestant. He also further added that there are two daughters of Haseena Parkar namely-Humeria and Qudsia and Zubair Khan on Bigg Boss 11 claims to have married Qudsia.

Well, what is the truth behind Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Zubair Khan’s identity and past working experience, will only come into the limelight when he will be interrogated legally? But as for now, one thing is for sure, that he is relatively gained great popularity amongst the Bigg Boss 11  fans across India.



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