Bigg Boss Season 11 | Here Are Some Hidden Insights That You’ll Love To Know

Bigg Boss Season 11 is one of the most popular television show currently running on ColorsTV across the country. Time and again, exclusive interviews and footages are revealed either on social media or through news website about the Bigg Boss show or stories related to the Bigg Boss Contestants which manage to keep the Bigg Boss Season 11 crisp with peppy topics. Since its beginning, Bigg Boss Season 11 never really had a miss from hitting the headlines. With the show gradually moving towards its end, here are some hidden insights from the Bigg Boss House for you which will definitely act in favor of arising your interest in Bigg Boss Season 11.

This is What Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestants Are Paid Per Episode  

It is reported that the signing amount for the contestants who make their way to the Bigg Boss House is at least Rs. 8 lacs. If any contestant happens to get evicted from the Bigg Boss House, they will get this payment. Apart from this, there is a weekly pay which is given to the contestants who manage to make their steady journey in the Bigg Boss House following the first two weeks. Whereas, if any of the Bigg Boss House Contestants wish to quit the show, a tentative fine worth Rs. 2 crores is charged from them. Indian Wrestler, The Great Khali who was a part of the finale of Bigg Boss Season 4 was being paid an amount of Rs. 50 lacs per week. Now, that’s something huge!
Bigg Boss Season 11 witnessed Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson’s presence in the show who reportedly charged an amount of Rs. 2.5 crores per day. Her stay was just for 3 days.
Bigg Boss Season 11 is an Indian show and thus pays huge chunks in the form of pay to its contestants since its beginning. On the other hand, Big Brother which is a similar reality show but functions on the international front pays about $750 a week to its contestants which is less in comparison to other shows.
Being the host of Bigg Boss Season 11, Salman Khan is reportedly charging a whooping amount of Rs. 11 crores per episode.

Wait! What? Paranormal Activities in The Bigg Boss House? 

Yes, you read that right. Many contestants in the Bigg Boss House have rumored to witness Paranormal activities. Shockingly, apart from the contestants of the Bigg Boss House, the crew members also have admitted that they have seen glimpses of a woman standing at the corner of a room. Now, one cannot be sure that this is for real or some publicity stunt?


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