Bigg Boss 11 | If Not Luv, Then Who Is Dhinchak Pooja’s Love Interest

Dhinchak Pooja’s followers have always been keen on her actions and words since she was sent as a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Reality shows like Bigg Boss Season 11 have always subsequently emerged as match makers for many house inmates.

Let us take up the previous Bigg Boss seasons for instance, from Gauhar Khan, Sara Khan to Tanishaa Mukherji, even though for a short time span, the Bigg Boss house successfully played the cupid for them. And for others, the Bigg Boss house acts as a place to make friends and grow bonds deeper. A similar scenario could be seen when Dhinchak Pooja could be seen conversing with Sabyasachi about her secret crush outside the house.

Bigg Boss 11 | Who Is Dhinchak Pooja’s Love Interest 

In a series of episodes which followed at the Bigg Boss season 11 house, Dhinchak Pooja was found accepting her soft corner for co-contestant in the Bigg Boss 11 house – Luv Tyagi. In addition to this, many Bigg Boss house inmates were seen teasing Pooja by taking Luv’s name time and again. Putting a rest to all the related speculations recently, Dhinchak Pooja was found having a conversation with Bigg Boss season 11 house inmate Sabyasachi. The topic of discussion was Dhinchak Pooja’s secret crush who is not Luv Tyagi.

Instead, she revealed that she liked someone whom she had met in context to a project which was offered to her. Though Dhinchak Pooja did not agree for the project but she fell for that person with whom she has conversed over the phone and never met in personal.

What Does Dhinchak Pooja Have To Say About Her Secret Crush

Cringepop star Dhinchak Pooja confessed to Sabyasachi about her feelings for a person whom she has never met. Though she did not reveal the name of the person she likes, she disclosed other details in relation to his whereabouts. In the recent episode of the Bigg Boss 11 house, Dhinchak Pooja was seen telling Sabyasachi that the guy keeps on roaming to different places. Though when Akash Dadlani said ‘I Love You’ to Dhinchak Pooja in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss season 11, she got uncomfortable and said that her father won’t approve of such a behavior.


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