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The Bigg Boss 11 had managed to hit the headlines hard all thanks to the amazing contestants inside the Bigg Boss House and all the more amazing tasks and scenario put up for the Bigg Boss 11 House inmates to deal with. The eleventh season of Bigg Boss had a kick-ass start and experienced heated talks and arguments since the very first day.

Every new week that commences in the Bigg Boss House, the Season 11 house inmates are presented with new tasks to accomplish and win over their necessities. After Dhinchak Pooja’s entry in the Bigg Boss house, the house inmates are expected to visit and spend time in a ‘jungle’.

Bigg Boss House Inmates To Live in ‘Jungle’

In the latest episode, all the Bigg Boss 11 house contestants will be seen giving their level best in order to win the captaincy for the upcoming week whereas the winner will be the one who will manage to complete and thus win the luxury budget task as put forward by Bigg Boss. The life of anyone in a jungle revolve around the very saying of survival of the fittest.

This is the theme of the next task for the contestants of Bigg Boss season 11 house. Supposedly, the lawn area is to be converted into a jungle and a cave-like structure is made near the main entrance. All the contestants of the Bigg Boss season 11 house have been divided into two teams with name Team Red and Team Blue. This self-constructed Jungle will act as a place of refuge for all the contestants of the Bigg Boss 11 house where they will disclose certain unknown and unfamiliar facts about each other. Turns out much fun. Isn’t it?

Bigg Boss Season 11 | Tough Time For ‘Gharwale’ in ‘Jungle’

There are certain rules which have been laid in context to the Bigg Boss 11 contestants visit to the ‘jungle’. Any contestant who happens to pass the cave and thus reach the main Bigg Boss house will directly be out of the game. When the task concludes, the team which has the maximum number of contestants left will be considered as the winner of the task.

The candidates of the Bigg Boss 11 house are expected to vex the mates of the other team and thus force them to give up. Additionally, Hina Khan will be seen having a tough time while maintaining her presence in the task. Hina is expected to have a heated argument with Bandagi and her on-going verbal tiff with Akash is all set to take a new turn when he terms her as a ‘Flopstar’. All these attempts to disqualify the other teammate will sure be much fun and entertaining to watch.


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