Chandigarh hit by Bird Flu | Govt tells public not to panic

Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana and a well known tourist spot in north India has been hit by Bird Flu. Ducks were being found dead in a mysterious condition at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh from the past few days. The confirmation of Bird Flu in Chandigarh came from a testing lab in Bhopal where sample of dead birds were sent to know the cause of death of the ducks at Sukhna Lake.

National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases Laboratory in Bhopal wrote a letter to Chandigarh Govt with “Very Urgent” written on top. The subject of the letter confirmed H5N1 virus (Bird Flu) in one of the 6 samples sent to the lab. On receiving the information, Chandigarh Administration swung into action to take measures so that Chandigarh could be prevented from this deadly disease. Bird Flu can be easily transferred to humans if they come in direct contact with the bird or any other thing which was in contact with the affected bird. H5N1 virus spreads quickly in the winter months as winters are favourable for the growth of Bird Flu virus.

K.K.Sharma, the advisor to the UT administrator has said that there is no need to panic. Chandigarh Administration is taking all necessary steps to prevent Chandigarh from the spread of Bird Flu. Sukhna Lake has been closed down for general public as all activities including boating, bird watching, jogging, morning and evening walks etc. have been suspended from immediate effect till an official notice from the Chandigarh Govt. Special teams from various places in India have already departed for Sukhna Lake Cahndigarh to analyse the situation and curb it. All ducks have been confined in a limited area with a fence and their activity is being monitored.

Image Source: First page of The Tribune (Chandigarh Edition) dated 18 Dec 2014.

For more info please read :  Steps taken by the Chandigarh Govt to prevent Bird Flu in Chandigarh.


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