Bitcoin is Appealing Yet Has Some Adversities

An Introduction to Miners

Every Bitcoin transaction is executed successfully by a group of super-intelligent and influential individuals called the miners. The Bitcoin miners impart their expertise to crack the most demanding computational and mathematical problems and in return, get rewarded by Bitcoins. They offer security and run every transaction and chain up every purchase. Hence it is known as the concept of Blockchain.

Role of Mining in Obtaining Bitcoins

There are three vital methods to obtain Bitcoins, namely either by purchasing them on an exchange, receiving them in the trade of products and services, and last but not least, mining new ones. Mining is the dominant process of summing up transaction chronicles to the Bitcoin’s community ledger book, famous as the called the Blockchain. Within the Blockchain mesh, every transaction is recorded, achieved, and every new purchase is added with the existing block. This is how the chain of blocks is constructed. It is also used to differentiate and separates the authentic and validated Bitcoin transactions versus the ones that have been re-spent.

Mainly, the miners play a very vital and crucial role in strengthening the Bitcoin community by eradicating the fake transactions and fraudulent activities. They make it a point to include only legal transactions in the block. Search for different websites online to earn with bitcoins

The Dilemma with Bitcoins

Bitcoins are known globally for drastic value fluctuations. Since its inception in 2009, the price of Bitcoin has suffered immense ups and downs, and users have been petrified of large oscillations. It still hurts such drastic movements. Regular Bitcoin miners and users have even seen a drift of 50% either upslope or downhill, in a span of merely seven days. However, Bitcoin’s spectacular upsurge looks dramatic, and these fast movements are certainly one of the essential reasons why it is the most popular form of cryptocurrency.

Some individuals are not so savvy with the functional aspects of Bitcoin transactions, but this fast upsurge of the cryptocurrencies has even enticed them. Seeing the investors becoming sticky wealthy overnight has made people highly attracted to Bitcoins. But every positive thing has an adverse aspect. There are quite a few disadvantages of Bitcoins that have made it a risky and volatile platform for trading.

Shortcoming of Bitcoins

Bitcoins Are Not Broadly Acknowledged

To date, Bitcoins are only accepted by a very handful group of retailers who work online. This makes it impractical to entirely depend on Bitcoins as a currency. There is also a likelihood that governments might compel traders to not do business with Bitcoins because wallets on server and exchange can be traced and exposed by some illegal hacking experts.

Wallets Can Be Misplaced

If a hard drive smashes, or a virus corrupts the computer system, and the digital wallet file is corrupted, the accumulated Bitcoins are misplaced. Practically there are no ways to retrieve the same. This unanticipated technical glitch may ruin and devastate a wealthy person instantly. 

Bitcoin Valuation Fluctuates

Bitcoins’ value is unstable and volatile. Bitcoin prices surge and drop at a very high speed, almost randomly. Risk-takers wish to rejoice the plus points of Bitcoin must be aware and can expect this random devaluation at any moment. 

No Buyer Protection

When goods are purchased using Bitcoins, and the seller cheats on and shows dishonesty by not sending the appropriate products or doesn’t deliver the assured services, there is practically nothing that can be done to retort. Sometimes in these cases, an external Escrow Service can play the role of monitoring and regulate similar to a bank

Risk of Unknown Technical Flaws

The Bitcoin system could contain unseen flaws. As this is a moderately new system, if Bitcoins were accepted universally, and a fault was detected, it can devastate the Bitcoin community and economy and make the exploiter super-duper wealthy and powerful.

Lack of Recourse

If a credit card/debit card is misplaced or picked up, one can call the merchant or the bank to block the card and its transaction. The person may also request the bank to keep the transaction blocked until any new card is issued. This reduces the probability of fraud, scam, and misuse of the card. Strikingly for Bitcoins, there is no central body to monitor and impart power, so when Bitcoins wallet is corrupted or hacked, there is no external unit which can help the user to retrieve the loss. 

Though Bitcoin is still dubious and not universally accepted, its freedom of payment has made it a broader preference among many. From no restriction in the payment amount, payee profile and with no intermediaries to with no limit on the geographical location of the payee and sender, Bitcoins are eventually gaining popularity and acknowledgment globally.


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