BJP MLA Urges to Ban Momos | Calls it a Reason for Cancer

According to the BJP MLA, Momos are the new agenda to be dealt, which is leading cancer to penetrate into the society. Strange but a strong word of hostility towards the steaming hot vegetable or meat stuffed dumplings were spread by the Bhartiya Janta Party’s Legislator, Ramesh Arora during a seminar held recently in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K).  

Why has the BJP MLA urged to ban momos

While speaking at the event, he mentioned that momos are the new matter of concern in J&K as they are being sold at every nook and corner feeding youngsters with dangerous monosodium glutamate (MSG) or in a laymen language- Ajinomoto that is the main ingredient to prepare it.  In his statement, Arora also mentioned that intake of MSG via momos can cause cancer to the consumer and is not at all healthy for the society and the people. He has declared a war against the snack and raised slogan of ‘ Say no to momos’. He has also urged the government to ban momos completely.

What is the MSG ingredient in the recipe of momos

Momos are great snack that originated in Tibet as their staple diet. Having travelled to India, momos as a recipe has evolved a lot and are now available in different varities. From five start hotel restaurants to a road side hawker, everyone is selling these filling yet healthy snack, which is favourite of all age groups. It is true that the sellers mix MSG or ajinomoto in momos while preparing them to enhance the taste. MSG is said to be an unhealthy ingredient for human consumption if taken regularly and beyond the limit. 

People are not happy with Arora’s war on momos and are of the opinion that momos shouldn’t be banned completely but the government should set regulations to restrict the amount of MSG used in making them. Some are also saying that it is completely our own choice that what we eat and what not. After all these east Asian dumplings are the best and healthy snack that everyone relishes all throughout the year.

Let’s hope that everyones dear and most loved snack momos doesn’t gets banned after soughting by the BJP MLA but yes govenment should put a restriction in the usage of MSG in its preparation to curb down the possibility of cancer it can cause.


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