Blockchain Technology Usage in Supply Chain

It has been a decade now since the idea of decentralization has come up, but its more practical as well as disruptive usage was encountered after 2009 in the form of blockchain innovation. Originally, the sole reason for the formation of blockchain technology was to implement digital currency transactions that too primarily the BTC transaction. But at present, if we see this technology, its utility is being employed in every sector. The benefits derived by SCM solution via this technology are beyond imagination since there are several firms and likewise, numbers of employees.

Certain Problems In The Management Of Supply Chain Presently

In the past few years, there have been drastic changes in the SCM landscape. It has witnessed not only new opportunities but also some challenges as well. Our existing supply chain seems to be under strain due to enhanced dependence on the different types of suppliers that end up making SCM operations more complex. If you are interested to become a trader, you should visit cryptocurrency websites in order to know more about detailed insight into the Bitcoin wallet .

In such a challenging situation it becomes a necessity to go for a solution that is flexible as well as robust in its nature that can help in improving SCM operation. This will allow it to handle issues like fraud, accountability, counterfeiting, inadequacies in the supply chain, and many similar kinds of issues. Some of such issues are described here in this blog that tends to press the administration of the supply chain at present.

Not Making Up To The Deadlines

It needs a substantial amount of manual power to move any product’s single quantity. Since the manual process is involved it ends up getting people to meet the deadlines they were asked to perform which in the end makes the supply chain suffer. Sometimes there are niches that in a certain situation are bound by time as well as sensitivity. In such cases, if there is only one person who is callous and delays in the prescribed time frame not only monetary penalties but sometimes it even becomes a matter of survival.

Fake Products

The second problem that is pretty prevalent in every sector is counterfeit goods. The devastation caused by these products wastes money, resources, and time at these levels. In the SCM sector, its cons are much more devastating.


This factor is the bedrock of any supply chain. But if this bedrock is distorted, there are a slew of issues that can affect and can cause losses. Hence this one main factor shall be considered to stay updated with the new technologies.

How Blockchain Can Help The Supply Chain Industry?

  • Power Supply Chain

Human beings are engulfed by power. If we use Blockchain technology then it can help us distribute it in circuits. This will not only enhance optimum allocation but will also wipe out corrupt practices.

  • RFID Tags

These tags are used for expensive items. If these tags are used for the shipment of any product with the help of blockchain technology it will help the information to stay credible and unaltered by anyone. This can be achieved with the help of consensus among the members involved in the shipment of any product.

  • Mining

This is also an expensive method. Years ago, to trace the shipment of the diamonds blockchain technology was used till it reached the true receiver. Hence this can also prove to be advantageous.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the most common supply chain management issues. It also provides solutions to ensure that this supply chain management remains effective and reliable to meet its deadline.



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