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Astonishingly, the fatal Blue Whale challenge has started influencing youth in the country. According to reports, the Chhattisgarh Police has initiated a probe into a number of cases that were suspected to be linked to the fatal Blue Whale challenge.

Recently, several cases have been reported in various districts of the state. The report claims, that a 24-year-old woman in Jashpur district is suspected to have taken part in the deadly Blue Whale challenge.

Scratches were found on the hands of the 24-year old and after initial probe the police prevented her from progressing in the challenge.

Blue Whale Case suspected in Panchkula

According to Hindustan Times a third-year BCom student is suspected to be the first victim of Blue Whale Challenge, the fatal online game in the tricity. The 20-year old victim has been identified as Vaibhav Dev, who is a resident of Sector 19, Panchkula, Haryana.

Panchkula resident Vaibhav, allegedly jumped off the third floor of his house in Panchkula recently. He was admitted to the ICU (Intensive care unit) of Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

The victim suffered fractures in his left arm, right leg and on the right side of his head.

According to the report, doctors have confirmed cuts around Vaibhav’s neck as well as his arms. Presence of cuts on the victim’s body and the attempt of committing suicide by jumping off the third floor of his house points to the possibility that the 20-year old might have fallen prey to the fatal online game- The Blue Whale.

The Blue Whale – the fatal game

In the online game – the Blue Whale Challenge, the participants required to complete a number of torturous tasks. All these tasks in the Blue Whale Challenge are to be completed within a 50-day period. Through self-mutilation, the tasks gradually become increasingly harmful. The last stage of the final step is suicide. While details of how the game is accessed

The social media trends have indicated that a group that administers the fatal game- the Blue Whale challenge, gets in touch with the targets. Once a part of the game, the group starts giving the participants challenges and aggressively monitors the ‘progress’ in each participant’s case.

Source: Indian Express


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