Master Mind Behind The Fatal Blue Whale Challenge is a 17 Year Old Girl | Arrested & The Truth is Shocking

A 17-year-old girl has been arrested by the Police on suspicion of masterminding the ‘Blue Whale challenge’, the sick online game that has claimed more than 100 lives across the globe. According to reports, the Russian police have arrested the teenager girl who masterminded Blue Whale suicide game.

What is the ‘Blue Whale challenge’?

The ‘Blue Whale challenge’ is a social media group that has taken the digital world by storm and has claimed approximately 130 lives worldwide. It has been reported that through this game the administrators allegedly encouraged children to undertake a series of tasks for over a month. The game, which is targeted at teenagers, forces them to perform several dangerous activities that eventually leads them to commit suicide.

According to reports, the 50-days (approximately) long game includes tasks such as waking up at as early as 4:20 in the morning, watching horror films all day, self- harming by carving the shape of a blue whale on the arms, mulling over death wherein, the final ‘task’ was to provoke the participant to take their own life.

The administrator operated in the disguise of a male 

According to a report, the Russian state investigators revealed that the unnamed arrested female was one of the players, who initially played the game but did not end up taking her life! Instead of choosing death for her she chose to become an “administrator” for the site. As an administrator, she started encouraging other teens to participate in the dreadful game. It has also been alleged in the report that she did not disclose her identity and pretended to be male in this role.

Shocking evidence found during Police raids

The Russian police raided the residence of the suspect in the far-east of Russia. During the raid, the cops discovered alarming drawings and a portrait of Philipp Budeikin, the man behind the sick ‘suicide game’ who was jailed for 40 months earlier this year, on the charges of charges of inciting more than 15 schoolgirls to kill themselves by participating in his Blue Whale social media craze.

It was also reported that the police have found alleged evidence from the teenager’s house linked to the “suicide game”.

The suspect used to threaten and blackmail participant’s families 

It was reported that the Russian Interior Ministry spokesman told that the teenager allegedly threatened to murder victims as well as their families if they fail to obey the game rules. The suspect used to send specific self-harming tasks, often life-threatening, to each and every member of the group. The group had several dozen participants who were being threatened concurrently. It was also reported that the teenager used to blackmail the participants in this group for not completing the tasks and threatened to kill them or their relatives.

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