Blue Whale Challenge Claims One More Death in Madurai, India

The infamous and life taking, online game of Blue Whale Challenge has again claimed a life of an Indian teen from Madurai who hanged himself from the ceiling fan yesterday. The 19-years old boy of Madurai in Tamil Nadu was reportedly playing the fatal online game of Blue Whale Challenge and was found dead in his room.

Blue Whale Challenge took life of a Madurai teen

The victim is identified as J Vighnesh who was a second year BCom student of Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College. He was first spotted by his father hanging from his mother’s saree to the ceiling fan. The father of the victim called the police after seeing his son hanging from the ceiling.

On investigating, the police of Madurai learned that the boy had died under the unusual circumstances while playing one of the tasks of the Blue Whale online Challenge game. The victim is said to the part of the deadly Blue Whale challenge WhatsApp group. The Police had confirmed that the victim’s cause of the death is the deadly Blue Whale challenge game that he was playing since long. Even on the left hand of the victim was the tattoo mark of the blue whale made via the sharp object. The police have taken victim’s mobile phone in their custody and are trying to find out other members of the WhatsApp group, which Vighnesh was part of.

More about Blue Whale Challenge & the trauma

Blue Whale Challenge is allegedly a dreadful online game, where the players have to do various tasks in series which includes self-infliction with sharp, edgy knives and even by committing suicide. It is a 50 days game where the player can enter by their own choice and cannot exit and only wins the game by committing suicide.

With the help of the WhatsApp group, the police are now searching for other players who have fallen prey into the hands of the fatal online challenge game. The police and the parents of the game victims have made various appeals, requesting kids, teenagers and other young population to not play such life-threatening games. They have also requested the government to make the young population aware of the Blue Whale Challenge game and set up counseling sessions for them at schools, colleges, and home.



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