After Blue Whale Challenge, Other Online Fatal Games Hit Supreme Court’s Eye

After the Blue Whale Challenge, many other online fatal games promoting suicide have managed to hit the Supreme Court scanner. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was recently filed in the apex institution of the country thus drawing its attention towards fatal games apart from the Blue Whale Challenge growing at an alarming pace among many people and thus ending up claiming their lives. Many games like Choking Games, Fire Challenge, Eyeball Challenge, Human Embroidery as well as the Salt and Ice Challenge are emerging as a great time pass among many people and thus encouraging suicide on a large scale.

Petition Filed At Supreme Court Demanding A Ban On Blue Whale Challenge 

The Supreme Court has recently formed a bench in order to deal with the public interest litigation cases filed in relation to the Blue Whale Challenge game seeking the ban on the game which has allegedly claimed many innocent lives across the country. For now, the bench has ordered the Delhi High Court to not hear any further plea in context to demanding ban on the game. A plea which demands complete ban on suicidal games like the Blue Whale Challenge is currently in a pending state before the High Court. Apart from the game being banned on all the online portals, many lives have still been claimed by the game and a similar concern was put forward by the Apex institution. Similar games have taken charge which target small children as they easily fall prey to these games.

About the Fatal Games & Measures To Stop 

Apart from the Blue Whale Challenge which spread like fire claiming many innocent lives of many children, there are similar games which are equally dangerous and fatal in huge proportions. The choking game for example directs the player to chose either themselves or friends till they pass out. Other games like Human Embroidery involve the player to sew threads into their skin and the salt and ice challenge requires the participant to pour salt all over their body and thus place ice on it which will cause burns on the body. When games like these are forming an essential part of the air, it is important for the parents, teachers and other responsive authorities to more vigilant and thus try to spread as much awareness as possible. Any kind of strange behavior possessed by the child should immediately be talked upon and reported simultaneously.

Source : India Today


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