Blue Whale Challenge: Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Yahoo to Remove all Links

Indian Government has directed all search engines(Google, Microsoft & Yahoo) and Social Media Giant Facebook to remove all the links to Blue Whale Game/Challenge which redirects the user to Blue Whale Challenge. The Online game Blue Whale claimed a life of a boy Manpreet Singh Sahni in Mumbai last month.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Yahoo to Remove Blue Whale Challenge Game Links

According to the letter issued by Ministry of Electronics and IT, it states that the incidents of committing suicide while playing The Blue Whale Game have been reported in India. Further, it is mentioned that the Links of the game in Social media and Search engine to insist children to play the game is increasing and it leads the kids to take extreme steps to hurt & injure themselves. The letter was issued on August 11.

What Is Blue Whale Game/Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge is an online game and it is one of the most strange and weird game. Blue Whale Challenge encourages the kids or the participants to physically hurt themselves. This is not a virtual life hurting but a real life hurting. The game has claimed more than 130 deaths so far in all over the world. Blue Whale Game/Challenge is a 50 days game. All the instructions to play the Blue Whale Game Challenge is received by the participants from an Unknown Admin. Participants have to complete all the tasks and the last step of the game is to commit suicide. The game was started by Philipp Budeikin. In the beginning, he gave instructions to some kids. According to an interview with the owner of Blue Whale Challenge, he said that this game is designed to clean the society.

Cases of Blue whale Challenge in India

In last month on July 30th, a kid of 14-year-old Manpreet Singh Sahni jumped off from the fifth floor and killed himself. he was from Sher-e-Punjab colony in Mumbai(Andheri East). Prior to his death, a kid of 9 years also does the same. he also texted his friend that he is going to jump from the building. The 9-year-old kid friend claims that he was playing the game from last 50 days.

Source – Gad. Ndtv

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