Blue Whale Game | Who Started It and What is It – A Dig Down

Last month news came to lime light that a 9th class kid jumped to death and a 7th class student also jumped off from the 3rd floor this week. And it came to know that this is due to the Blue Whale Game or mostly known as Blue Whale Challenge. So What is this Blue Whale Game? From where it started and How it came to India? Who started the Blue Whale Game? Origin of Blue Whale Game? Here are the few things you need to know about the Blue Whale Game. Check this out.

What is Blue Whale Game?

Blue Whale Game is a name given to strange game which encourages the participants of the game to hurt themselves. And this hurting is in real life. This Blue Whale Game is a 50 days challenge.

How Blue Whale Game\ChallengeWorks?

Blue Whale Challenge is a 50 days game.People Participating in Blue Whale Game Challenge automatically received instructions from an anonymous Administrator. People have to complete those tasks mentioned in the instruction. And the Last step or the last task of the game is to commit suicide. This sounds strange and weird.

Deaths due to Blue Whale Game so far?

The game is on for at least 4 years and it has claimed the life of over 100 in China, US and in other countries. In India, 2 deaths have been reported from this Blue Whale Game Challenge.

Who started Blue Whale Game and Why?

The Blue Whale game Challenge was started by Philipp Budeikin. He is a 22-year-old Russsian guy. he gives instruction to some children directly in the beginning. He said in an interview that he made Blue Whale game to clean the society. the people participate in the game were a Biological waste. The guy has been jailed for 3 years. This is not known to anyone that who is the current administrator of Blue Whale Game and who gives the instruction now.

Source – Gad.Ndtv



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