Boarding a Flight From Chandigarh International Airport Will Now Cost More

Boarding a flight from Chandigarh International Airport will cost you more as Chandigarh airport authorities have increased certain charges.

Chandigarh’s newly fabricated and operating – International Airport has increased its usage charges drastically under the directions of the Airport Authority of India. The increase in the airport usage charges will also be reflected in the flight ticket charges so therefore, everyone will have to shell out more money for boarding a plane from Chandigarh International Airport.

AAI’s Proposal for Chandigarh Int Airport

What people need to know about the proposal drafted by the Airport Authority Of India is that:

  • A charge of Rs 287 will be added to their local flight tickets for travelling 305 km, like Chandigarh to Delhi or Jammu.
  • Rs 747 for travelling beyond 305 km. This will apply to long distance flights.
  • Rs 1,725 for travelling internationally. This would impact Chandigarh – Dubai and Chandigarh Sharjah flights.

Indian Airlines Surprised

The Indian Airlines are still not being able to digest the proposed charges and are afraid that this can refrain the people from boarding a plane through the newly working Chandigarh airport.

The no-frill airlines are not in the state of full approval to the heftily imposed charges. One the Executives of the largest no frill airlines said that the Chandigarh International is still in its initial stage of international operations and this huge sum of charges will be a big disadvantage for the carriers in financial terms.

People related to the aviation sector feel that not many people frequent the Chandigarh International Airport, but still, Indian Airlines has connected flights to it. So the high usage fee is not a very favourable decision.

What Other Airports Charge In India

Here’s a glance of two other big and busy airports of India charge for its utilisation.

  • Bengaluru International Airport: Rs 352 domestic; Rs 1,501 international
  • Chennai Airport: Rs 191 domestic; Rs 859 international.
  • Kolkata Airport: Rs 517 domestic; Rs 1,389 international.

Government officials want the states to decrease their airline fees so that flying doesn’t put the burden on passengers budget.

India has always remained a contrasting nation. If our government puts few things straight in one area the other one goes spectacularly hay-wired. On one hand, PM Modi inaugurates the UDAN Flights in HP giving hope to the common man to fly at affordable rates and on the other hand, the AAI puts up heavy charges on walking, sitting and waiting of the people at the airport.

Let’s see if these charges at Chandigarh International airport are reduced a bit ot not.

Source: Hindustan Times

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