Low Water Level in Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake Forces CITCO to Restrict Boating

Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake is dying (drying) and is worrying the authorities to a great extent. Residents of Chandigarh who feel helpless to restore and resuscitate the beautiful lake express their grief on the cause as lake is one such “recreation spot” for them which none want to lose ever in life.

With its receding water levels, authorities have now restricted ‘boating activity’ at the Sukhna Lake which attracts thousands of tourists daily. Here’s why if efforts are not done soon, we would simply end up lamenting the loss of our beloved “Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh.”

Why Boating restricted at Sukhna Lake?

Since the receding waters at lake lowered the water level of the lake, boating activity became a cumbersome event. Here’s why boating at the Sukhna Lake is restricted in the area.

  • Receding waters of the lake
  • Stubborn water level decreasing further
  • Dry patches coming up on the lake bed
  • Lake’s wetland area is reduced to 1.3 sqkm from 3.0 sqkm
  • Water level at lake is just at one and a half feet.

Dying Sukhna Lake calls for “Revival”

It has been months since the topic has gathered attention from many locals and authorities. Even the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered a probe from Central Government into the matter lately. A lot of efforts have been made to restore our beautiful lake but in vain as stubborn water level not only doesn’t rise from its mark.The requisite level required in the lake is around 1163 feet while the current status reveals 11 feet lower than the required level and is at the mark of 1152 feet.

After pumping in artificially around 2 million gallon litres of water on a daily basis for a period of three consecutive months amounting to around 1 crore litres of water from 7 nearby tube wells and various other measures, the level of water did not increase even a bit. Blame it on massive evaporation during summers, scanty rainfall during this season or increase in the silt and sand deposition which consequently reduced its bed level. Whatever the reason may be, the lake is dying, we are not getting to do our recreational activities at lake and its pretty sad.

Source: HT

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