Brand New Apple iPhone 8 Bursts Open After Battery Swells While Charging

The iphone 8 has been in the market just for a week and the users have already reported the phone to be bursting open. The phones are apparently popping out of their shells. The Cupertino based company has announced that it is investigating the iPhone 8 bursting open issue.

An Apple user in Japan claims that he received his iPhone 8 with the screen warped outwards and the device had bursted open. Another Taiwanese Apple user reports that she saw her iPhone 8  bursting open when it was put on charge using the Apple supplied cable and charger. More details emerging on the Taiwanese issue claimed that the battery of the iPhone 8 had swollen to an unusal amount. This leads us to believe that the phone may burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. It is yet to be confirmed whether the Japanese unit had the issues with battery too. There have been no signs of fire or explosions on the iPhone 8 as reported on some media channels. The phones are just bursting open due to the swelling of the battery underneath the screen.

Apple Issues In The Past With The Battery

Apple seems to have a hard time with battery burst open issues now. Keeping in mind that Apple products feature a drastically smaller battery than their android counterparts these issues come as a surprise. The company recently had problems with the Apple Watch when the users reported that the screens of their Apple Watch is almost bursting open due to the swelling of the battery. Apple responded by extending the warranty of its wearables but later stated that it was not a safety issue like the iPhone 8 bursting open and there was no need of a recall yet.

Apple’s Stance On The bursting open of the iPhone 8:

Apple has taken the bursted iPhones 8 in for study. They are examining the bursted iphone 8s and trying to isolate the issue. Apple assured the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners that there is no need to worry and the bursting open issue might not be unsafe to use since there is no signs of fire or explosions.

This year’s iPhone 8 is almost identical to the last year’s iPhone 7 in terms of dimensions but the changes are evident at the back of the phone. Since the new iPhone 8 features wireless charging this time around, the iPhone 8 has a glass back as compared to the metal one found on previous year’s iPhone 7. The use of glass may have made the burst open easy as compared to the metal iPhones.

Source: KitGuru


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