I Breathe Last for You is Not a Story But a Life Lived

March 10, 2017– Though sexual abuse is becoming more openly discussed, there are still many victims whose experiences go unreported, and in some cases who wind up sacrificing their lives for the relationship. This was the case for Dr. Sunaina Sindhwani’s late friend, Saakshi.

I Breathe Last for You, (Tellwell Publishing) is a true story about a woman who was physically, mentally and emotionally exploited by the person she loved most, resulting in death. I Breathe Last for You is not just a story, it’s about a life lived and how true love was taken for granted.

The book, which happens to be the debut work of the author, was launched at The Rumour Mill Café in Sector 7 here today, and is available at leading book stores and Amazon. Soon after the launch a book reading session was also held, following which the author shared the grief of losing a dear friend under such shocking circumstances in conversation with noted author Vani Kaushal.

Dr. Sindhwani through her book wants to bring truth to society, prompting people to acknowledge that exploitation of women is still a reality that must be addressed.

“This book is about my close friend, Saakshi, who ended up her life due to sexual exploitation. Saakshi and I met in a hotel in Chandigarh during a conference where I gave a lecture on nutrition. Saakshi came to meet me personally after my lecture to express her appreciation. We exchanged our telephone numbers, and started chatting and meeting. We had known each other for last 10 years and this book was just a tribute from me to her, but even now I have not been able to recover from the loss and her pain, which still leaves me numb”, said Dr. Sindhwani.

About the author:

Dr. Sunaina Sindhwani has been working as a clinical nutritionist for more than 20 years. Dr Sindhwani has been awarded best Dietician and wellness counsellor. During her counselling, she not only gives solutions for weight-management but also provide help in life management issues. She upgraded her education in Canada by learning dermatology training. She worked on a dermatology skin lab products of very famous Canadian Dermatologist, Dr. Renaud till September 2016 in Surrey, Vancouver, BC.


It was early morning, only seven o’clock, when my doorbell rang. I opened the door and was stunned to see Raghav, husband of my friend Saakshi – who was no more in this world. Though I was shocked to see him at such an early hour, I quickly recollected myself and very politely invited him to come inside. “Please come in, Brother, is everything OK?……How are the kids?” I was a bit anxious about them. He just quietly replied, “Yes, all OK. I just came to hand over Saakshi’s diary to you.” And he handed me a red-coloured diary. I still remembered how Saakshi used to write in a diary every night. I simply accepted the book and asked, “Why are you giving it to me?” He paused, and said, “I want you to write a book in the hopes that maybe he’ll also read it one day and apologize for what he did to her. That would give solace to her soul in heaven.” I was moved by the gesture which Saakshi’s husband was offering for her. I replied very firmly, “Yes sure, I would do that for you, and for my friend Saakshi.” And he just left.


Prakriti R Sharma

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