Bring Bliss and Prosperity to your home With The Idols Of Devi Lakshmi And Lord Ganesha from IndianShelf

Diwali puja, which is only complete with the worship of Devi Lakshmi and Shri Ganesha, is done in every household on the day of Diwali. Many people bring idols of Devi Lakshmi and Shri Ganesha in metals like brass, silver, bronze on Dhanteras as it is considered auspicious. These idols are either worshipped or given to friends and family as a token of good luck. Sending a brass Devi Lakshmi and Shri Ganesha statues to friends and family members represents prosperity and good fortune.

IndianShelf has come up with a unique collection of Devi Lakshmi and Shri Ganesha statues for this festive season. From Brass Statue Of Lord Ganesha Sitting On Throne With Mooshak to Chaturbhuja Ganesha statue, abstract black small idol to resting ganapati figurine, at IndianShelf there are many Ganesha idols to choose from. Made by skilled craftsmen, all of these statues are beautfully engraved. Siddhi Ganesha brass statue, Bal Ganesha, Statue of lord Ganesha on swing, tribal Ganesha are very popular.

There is also a beautiful collction of Devi Lakshmi idols at indianshelf. All of these are unique, limited edition and handmade. Devi Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and good luck. All the figurines of Devi lakshmi at IndianShelf are very finely and beautifully engraved. From vintage Laxmi statue in brass to brass Lakshmi idol with arch, Brass Sitting Prabhavali Lakshmi Statue to Brass Gaja Lakshmi Sitting On A Lotus, there are many options. There are also copper, silver & bronze statues of Lakshmi & Ganesha together that can used for worship or gifting.

“A Ganesha statue in our homes helps us overcome our fear and shows us the right direction in life while Goddess Laxmi is considered the goddess of prosperity and wealth. We have an extensive selection of Devi Lakshmi and Shri Ganesha Idols to fit your personal tastes, aesthetics, and needs needed in the festive season” says Mr Akshay Gupta, IndianShelf.

Spend some time exploring the vast collection of Lord Ganesha and Devi Laxmi idols on IndianShelf to bring health and wealth to your family.

About IndianShelf

IndianShelf is an online store primarily focused on selling home decor items. It is a platform that collaborates with over 5000 rural artisans to promote their artwork in the urban market. People who adore Indian traditional art and its potential can communicate with the artisans to better understand their work and make a good deal of what they intend to purchase. Explore the beautiful creations that reflect the authenticity of Indian art and culture.


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