This British Cyclist Says That Chandigarh is Quite Similar to Developed European Cities

The city beautiful has always been loved by the people travelling to the city and something is really special in the air of Chandigarh that attracts people to this city. This time it is a cyclist from London who was in love with the city during his cycling journey. He even compared Chandigarh with European cities and said that Chandigarh is just like any other European city due to its excellent infrastructure. This cyclist named Adam Paxton will be peddling from Amritsar to Kolkata for his cycling journey in India that will take approx 4 months.

About the British Cyclist

53-year-old British cyclist Adam Paxton, who is a resident of London has years of connection with India. His grandfather Lt Col James Mckensy¬†Anderson has served in India till 1936 and even his grandfather’s brother Captain Alexender Anderson has also served in World War 1 in the 6th Jat Batallion.

Paxton’s Grandfather and his brother were born in Nainital, India. His mother used to tell him stories about his grandfather days in India. And since then he was very much excited to see the place of his grandfather. He has even bought 150 photographs with him to show to his fellow cyclist in India.¬†Paxton himself has also served in the British Army for 4 years as Lance Corporal.

His journey to Chandigarh

Paxton has spent almost one week in the city beautiful Chandigarh, and it made him fall in love with the city. He also met budding cyclist of the city and motivated them for cycling.

  • He see Chandigarh as one of the leading cities in the world for cycling.
  • He is all praise for Indian food at various restaurants in Chandigarh.
  • He compared the city beautiful with any European city due to its separate lanes for cycling.
  • He also met cyclists from Punjab Biker’s club, Amritsar cycling club and others.
  • Chandigarh cyclist Misha Brar also joined Paxton for the ride in the city for 3 hours.
  • He even went through the city beautiful like Rock Garden and also suggested that something can be planned in the garden with old cycles.

Punjab para-cyclist, Arjun Thakur also joined Paxton in his Punjab journey. They both ride 50 KM per day. Thakur has also taken part in 200 Km, 300 Km, 400 km and 600 Km in brevets and became the only Indian to achieve the feat.

Paxton would be riding to Delhi along with Nainital and other cities of India like Kanpur, Lucknow and the Indian cities that have been associated with the Indepence movement and British Indian Army.


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