Bulandiyan by (Hardeep Grewal)- New Punjabi Song | Official Video Out

Hardeep Grewal releases new Punjabi song bulandiyan on youtube & mp3. In just 24 hours of its release, the track has been on the #3 trending video list on youtube. With the message to all, latest Punjabi track bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal has been loved by all. It’s not just a song but it has spread a motivational message to all those who have been depressed in life. Even the newly released Punjabi song bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal has been available for download from various websites.

Earlier to this, Hardeep Grewal as recorded various Punjabi song like- Thokar, Valaytan, 40 kille, Udaari & so on. But for sure his latest Punjabi track Bulandiyan has another level. Watch out and enjoy the official video of new Punjabi song Bulandiyan below.

Latest Punjabi Song: Bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal

Official video of latest track Bulandiyan features Hardeep Grewal, Gurpreet Toti, Mahavir Bhullar, Paras Sharma, Diwas & more. The story has been based on the person with a disability, who has the determination to win a medal in Olympics. Despite being bully, he never left his determination of winning & even he used to motivate others for the same. And finally, his never-ending determination leads him to win. Scroll down & watch out the amazing video of motivational Punjabi song Bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal.

Bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal

Singer: Hardeep Grewal

Music: Hardeep Grewal

Lyrics: Hardeep Grewal

Director: Ankur Chaudhary

Label: Vehli Janta Records

The lyrics of an amazing latest Punjabi song Bulandiyan has been penned by Hardeep Grewal himself & its like- haddeyan si pichhe chhan laun nu main kade vi maidan nai si chadeya, sunuga khadaka vajji satt da jadon fatteya che kille gaya gaddeya (2), ho bad mein udaari jadon bhar li pher kithe mannda wo battiyan, painda aone mukaddaran na bhindna saukhiyan ni pauniyan bulandiyan (2). Also the mesmerizing music of Bulandiyan track has been composed by the singer himself under the label of Vehli Janta Records.

Official Video of Hardeep Grewal’s latest Punjabi Song Bulandiyan

Hardeep Grewal comes up with a new Punjabi song Bulandiyan that has been a motivational one. For sure it will keep pushing you ahead in your life. Click on the play button below and enjoy the official video of latest Punjabi song bulandiyan by Hardeep Grewal.

From music to the lyrics & voice, Hardeep Grewal has done it all for his newly released Punjabi track Bulandiyan & its worth watching. Keep visiting chandigarhmetro.com for much more news from Punjabi industry & for the time being keep listening Bulandiyan song by very talented Hardeep Grewal.


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