Buying Dissertations Written from Scratch: Pros and Cons

What would you say if someone told you that studying can be fun and effortless? You would say that this person never tried to write a dissertation. It is true, this crowning moment of the academic experience can be really difficult to deal with. Writing a dissertation is a challenging assignment, and it is so different from everything you have written before, that you can’t be enough prepared. When stumbling upon the necessity to write a dissertation, students sometimes look for some external help, mostly from reliable writing services. This approach has its advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. In this article, we will try to draw a clear picture and help you make a decision right to your particular situation.

Pros of Buying Original Dissertations Online

  1. It Saves Time. Writing a dissertation requires an enormous amount of time, and you can’t be sure that you have this time when you start writing it. It needs not only time for writing and research, but also formatting, meeting with a professor, approving titles, chapters, thesis statements, etc. A writing service can’t deal with a professor or a supervisor for you, you will have to do it on your own, but their specialists can help you with writing, at least partly.
  2. You Receive a High-Quality Material. Even if you consider yourself to be an average student, your dissertation should be stunning. Its quality is paramount, and if you are not sure you can write it at the needed level, it is better to look for help, than to fail. You can ask for assistance with the specific chapters only. Having several brilliantly written sections you can adjust other parts of your dissertation accordingly.
  3. Progressive Delivery Protects You. When choosing a service to get your dissertation written from scratch by professional writers, ask about the Progressive Delivery option. It is a must for such papers as thesis, dissertations, term papers, etc. Choosing this option, you pay for a dissertation in installments and receive it part by part in the preliminarily discussed days. You have some time to proofread the received content, etc. Never order a dissertation in one piece and wait till the last day to receive it — the risk is too high.

Cons of Buying Dissertations Written from Scratch

  1. Possible Misunderstandings. Though most of the reliable writing services don’t limit your access to the assigned writer, it is only logical to assume that sometimes misunderstandings are possible. You know the material better, and the writer can overlook something in your instructions. You should state your requirements as detailed as possible and later check everything twice. If you feel that an assigned writer is not catching your idea immediately ask a support service for help, don’t lose time.
  2. Originality Issues. Again, when it comes to trustworthy agencies, you should not be worried much. However, this risk should be stated as the most threatening one for your academic career. To minimize it you have to check both the content and the formatting. More of it, you should pay attention to the citations — they should lead to the original sources, with an open access.
  3. Problems with Timely Delivery. A dissertation is an extended paper and as we said earlier writing it requires a serious amount of time. When you order a dissertation to be written from scratch, you should assess the amount of time you have. Sometimes, agencies try to bite much more than they can chew — these are expensive orders and services don’t want to lose them. You should assess the required time yourself, set a plausible deadline and make sure you can pay in installments and receive your dissertation part by part. When you do, check every section received immediately, because later you might be too much in a hurry to deal with it.  

If you decide to buy a dissertation written from scratch or at least a part of it, you should be careful at every step. Limit the amount of information you share about yourself, make a test order, etc. Use online software to double check everything sent by a writing service and definitely ask for a progressive delivery, not to lose money and keep everything under control. Your dissertation writing experience can be better than expected!


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