Buying Guide for New Construction Windows and Doors Toronto

Your home’s construction is almost done, and you will have a challenge choosing the most suitable windows and doors Toronto for the new structure. This is because windows and doors represent style and matter a lot when creating your home’s first impression. 

Windows and doors Toronto are essential for allowing natural light into the house and for ventilation. There are many types meant for new construction homes. When selecting, ensure you also consider your home’s architectural style, material, and energy efficiency.

Difference Between New Construction and Replacement

New construction windows are built differently from the replacement ones. These have a nail fin and should be installed in new buildings or an additional window in your house. Replacement windows should fit in the current frame because they do not have fins and don’t come with a frame. They are easier to install. However, if your current window’s frame is not in good condition, you can consider a new construction window because you get a new window and frame. 

What to Consider When Buying New Construction Windows and Patio Doors

The many options available make it challenging to choose a type of window and door or style. Some people who are just new in the market also find it challenging to know what to look at when buying these windows and doors Toronto. 

One of the most important considerations during purchase is aesthetics. Your doors and windows reflect how your house looks, and people can easily judge it by the windows. Choose a color that matches the rest of the home and a style that marries your home’s architectural design. 

Ventilation and natural light are other factors to consider. A well-lit and ventilated house makes the space comfortable and beautiful. Ensure your windows and doors can open and close well for ventilation and to let natural light in. 

When buying, do not forget to consider the material. Doors and windows are made of different materials that have other characteristics. Ensure you choose an energy-efficient material to pay less on energy—also, research about the aspects of each material. 

Your doors and windows are supposed to last for over 50 years, meaning that the material should be durable and sturdy. Ensure it is not easily affected by weather and doesn’t fade. Choose a good shape and size of the door and window to complete your look. 

New Window and Door Styles

As you consider the styles, ensure functionality and aesthetics are on your list. Each style is unique in performance and looks. Some of the styles you will come across are;

  1. Single and double-hung windows- have one and two sashes, respectively, and they are a good choice. The sashes tilt, making the window easy to clean. However, double-hung windows are relatively more expensive than the latter. With these windows, top sashes can remain open while the bottom ones open.
  2. Casement windows- they crack open like a door and are energy efficient. Casement windows are suitable for ventilation and lighting. 
  3. Picture, bay, and bow windows- these are good for lighting and ventilation. However, you have to install another window with a picture window for ventilation because it does not open, as it is one continuous glass.
  4. The other types are garden, awning, sliding, and custom-made windows. Homeowners have lots of options to choose from, of course depending on your home’s architecture.

Types of Patio Doors

The patio door you choose should match your home’s architectural design. The styles available are;

  1. Sliding door
  2. French outswing and inswing door
  3. Pocket and French sliding door
  4. Hinged door

Choosing a material

Different materials have different characteristics, and when choosing, you should consider appeal and performance. Ensure you look at the advantages and disadvantages of each material before buying. 

Vinyl and fiberglass windows and doors Toronto are energy efficient and weather resistant. They are a good choice if you want to pay less on energy bills yet have a durable door and window. 

Wood is a good choice because the windows and doors have the natural look of wood. This material is durable but prone to water and insects. 

Aluminum is cost-effective and durable. However, they are not the best for houses near the ocean.


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