Cabs entering Gurugram in Haryana (Gurgaon) to Pay Rs. 100 Road Tax

In an attempt to channelise their funds and generate a methodology to curb the faulty taxpayer’s menace, Haryana government has taken up a smart move. Introducing a tax to be payable when you enter Haryana borders is now burning pockets of taxi drivers and floating population of the various nearby cities who mob the place every day to earn their livelihood.

Streamlining Revenues

The government openly claims that the state transport department incurred a huge loss in the revenues generated through the Motor Vehicle tax because many people simply get away without paying it owing to the loopholes present in the current system.

The reasons cited for this loss are stated as below:

  • Road tax of Rs 950 for three months going directly to the regional transport authority
  • Motor tax for goods and passenger vehicles is paid to the excise department
  • Many people entering UP cities like Ghaziabad and Noida also pay this tax
  • Revenue loss for the state government as cabbies entering Haryana from Delhi never paid the tax levied

What is Tax levied? 

A meagre amount of INR 100 has been introduced as the tax amount to be levied on the goods and passenger vehicles entering the Haryana Border. Consolidation of these charges into the Motor Vehicle Tax has been thoughtfully done in order to aid the State Transport Department who is the beneficiary authority to be getting the entire amount that will be collected at the borders only.

How is it implemented?

The implementation has been carefully planned keeping in mind the commoners travelling and commercial vehicles throbbing the borders daily. As per what the additional transport commissioner of Haryana, Mr Virender Lather has to say, “The Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules, 2016, has been notified. As a result, both motor tax and road tax have been consolidated into a single Motor Vehicle Tax from April 1. Owners and drivers of goods and passenger vehicles have been told to collect the clearance certificate of tax paid up to March 31 from the excise and taxation department.

Antagonist Taxi drivers threat “Chakka Jam” protest in Delhi 

Not going down well with the taxi drivers and related associations in Delhi, the decision has been strongly opposed by these people owing to huge amounts the tax would pile up to with their frequent visits. Delhi-based cabbies have openly threatened to protest if the decision of the authorities to levy Motor Vehicle (MV) tax is not held back for good.  Not merely a verbal threat, they have openly called for an indefinite strike in the National Capital Region of Delhi and adjoining areas.

On being contacted, Sanjay Samrat, president of Delhi Taxi Tourist Transport Association, clearly opposed the move by saying, ” The association is meeting on Monday. We will plan a ‘chakka jam’ across Delhi and protest outside Haryana Bhavan. There is no way we will pay this tax.”

Let us see who wins the situation, the government or the Delhi cabbies, whoever wins, all we hail for is Peace for all !!!

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