Cafe 17 (Hotel Taj Chandigarh) Launches New Food Menu

With Diwali celebrations spilling over, Café 17 has definitely managed to take the festivities a notch higher with its new menu launch. The already popular all-day dinner at Taj Chandigarh brings in some very interesting and unique dishes into its latest a la carte menu.

As the General Manager, Mr. Surinder Singh rightly puts it, ‘while the older menu was also a very good one, we were looking to bring in some novelty that would keep in mind the taste buds of this region and also provide to the palate of our outstation guests.’

This can clearly be seen right from the very first section of the menu; Breakfast.  The very popular Amritsari chole kulche/puri and the radish paratha will have those with a Punjabi palate smiling, while the poha addition is definitely designed to cater to those who prefer
healthy and less spicy meals. The waffles and pancake section is now a permanent feature and has been brought into the menu due to popular demand. The Danish pastries, French rolls and the entire south Indian section have been retained as is, from the older menu.

The soups and salad section has been revamped totally with a lot of play with quinoa, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and other such exotic ingredients. Apart from some very interesting burgers and sandwiches like the Mediterranean grilled vegetable focaccia and the Lucy lucy double cheese burger, some completely new wraps have also been

Since it is an all-day diner, special attention has been given to the appetisers and comfort food sections. The Sufiana paneer tikka, Charmula chicken brochettes, Andhra tawa fish and loaded nachos are a few items that promise to be crowd pullers. Italian food lovers can
smile with glee as the menu pulls in risottos, lasagne and much more, with the grills and bakes bringing in the roasted vegetable tart, which is scrumptious and grilled salmon and pan fried sea bass for the fish lovers.

The curries and rice segment has retained the old favourites with some dishes like Amritsari kumbh hara pyaaz and Dhabewalee dal fry bringing in the novelty. A whole biryani section has also been introduced into the menu.

Those with the sweet tooth can enjoy banofee pie, chocolate tart and tiramisu along with the other older favourites of the menu.

As is clear, the new menu being launched at Café 17 is designed to take care of ‘any time hunger’. Right from those looking for a light snack to those with a huge hunger pang, everyone has something to look forward to in this menu.  Taj Chandigarh does come up with a promising menu that can be checked out 24X7.


Ajay Deep

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