Cancellation Policy For Domestic Airline Changed | No Flat Fee of Rs. 3000 on Cancellation of Flight Tickets

After the good discount offers in the month of December by the domestic airlines, the news popped up as a cherry on the top stating that the rule of paying flat Rs. 3,000 is no more applicable to canceling the flight tickets. After asking for the reports from the airlines to present the report on the cancellation charges, DGCA that is Directorate General of Civil Aviation came to light that the rules of cancellation of the flight tickets were not administered properly by the airlines.

The Rule of Cancellation of Flight Tickets by DGCA 

According to the cancellation rule of air tickets of domestic flights, the cancellation charges applied cannot exceed the amount in total adding the base fare and the fuel surcharges.This rule was applicable on all the domestic flights operating in the country.

However, the rule was clearly not being followed by airlines and a flat fee for cancellation of the flight ticket was taken from the passengers. After reviewing the report presented by the airlines for cancellation charges, the DGCA presented the new rule for cancellation of the flight tickets relieving the passengers from paying more.

The New Cancellation Policy For Cancellation of Flight Tickets 

According to the new policy of Flight Ticket Cancellation improvised by DGCA that is Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the cancellation fee charged by domestic airlines are to be decreased. According to the new policies, the cancellation fee for air tickets will be based on the total amount including the base fare and fuel surcharges.

After analyzing the reports submitted by Airlines, Rs. 3,000 is way too high than the price of the ticket itself. The rule has been passed that cancellation fee to be imposed must be calculated sincerely by the airlines, keeping all the rules in mind. This news has come as a relief for all the passengers.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation took this decision after he called up and analyzed the reports of the domestic airlines mentioning the details of Cancellation charges. The passengers have been delighted with the news of reduced cancellation fee on air-tickets for domestic airlines.

Source – BusinessTimes


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