Cannabis Tourism Trends in the USA

As more parts of the world legalize marijuana, marijuana tourism continues to rise. Entrepreneurs and existing businesses are there to capture this opportunity and income stream. We’re seeing an explosion in economic growth and tax revenues generated by this legal and in-demand business activity. I’m not alone when I say I expect this trend to grow in the USA.

Marijuana enthusiasts are already finding their cannabis-infused holiday experiences in places like:

  • Nimbin, Australia
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Cristiana, Denmark
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Negril, Jamaica
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The United States is slowly catching up with other parts of the world. But where marijuana is legal, it’s doing so in a big way. Similar to other countries, the favorable and legal status is regional. So it’s critical that you know the rules and what kinds of cannabis experiences you’ll find in the area before you plan a trip or a business venture.

For example, you can legally buy and enjoy recreational marijuana in Michigan, a state in the Northern USA. But in Tennessee, a state in the Southern USA, don’t get caught selling, buying, or possessing marijuana. You could be looking at a significant time in a US prison.

As laws change and the industry grows, businesses are looking for new ways to generate revenue from tourists. These adventurers are seeking cannabis experiences like these. And entrepreneurs like you and I are investment opportunities to get in on this $123 billion USD global industry.

Events for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Entrepreneurs are bringing seasonal tourism into their regions, hosting annual events. These occasions celebrate the marijuana community and cannabis businesses. They create an experience where you can enjoy yourself and connect.

On the Michigan marijuana scene, for example, Lansing, Michigan is hosting the 420 Cannabis Music Festival in August. You must be 21 and up to attend and tickets for the event start at $55 USD.

Events for Cannabis Business and Networking

Similarly, there’s the CannaCon marijuana business expo in Detroit, Michigan. It’s an annual June event that showcases cannabis-related products and services. Here, Michigan marijuana entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike come together. Learn about the industry and network with people in the industry.

This event doesn’t include marijuana use during the event because it’s on the business-side. But as an attendee, you’re invited to an afterparty at a nightclub. There you can partake while networking with industry professionals like yourself. In 2021, tickets started at $40 USD. The organizers should release information on the 2022 expo soon.

These are just two of the many event experiences Michigan marijuana has to offer.

Cannabis Tours

While events are seasonal, cannabis tours bring cannabis-infused experiences to tourists year-round.

The High 5 Touring Company in Oregon, USA, takes groups of friends on three-hour cannabis adventures. It highlights dispensaries, trendy activities, and other spots of interest, all while you enjoy partaking on the bus. Bring your friends and enjoy the storytelling and jokes. See the sights and learn about cannabis tourism in the area.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Mary Jane Tour line offers a similar experience for those looking for marijuana in Michigan.

Cannabis Hotels and Private Rentals

Some cannabis entrepreneurs aren’t interested or capable of selling marijuana. Instead, they’re cashing in on the global $123 billion marijuana industry through hospitality.

Hotels can also promote themselves as weed-friendly establishments in places where it’s legal. Many hotel owners are generating additional revenue by bringing in this type of tourism business.

For example, what if you’re looking for a more private group cannabis experience? You could also look for cabins and homes to rent through Airbnb, like the Wake and Bake Cabin in Baldwin, MI. It’s a three-bedroom private cabin located near hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Cannabis Cuisine

Businesses are also expanding the palettes of tourists. They offer cannabis-infused dishes for dinners, events, or special occasions. Just check out the Michigan marijuana scene for starters. The Michigan Cannabis Chefs are just one cannabis cuisine specialty company offering this unique experience. They combine only the freshest ingredients to make artisan delights.

More Marijuana Tourism Business Opportunities to Explore

These are just a handful of the types of marijuana tourism popping up around the United States. In places where marijuana has legal status, business is booming. There are opportunities for those exploring a business venture in the United States. When you plan to come as a tourist or start a business, it’s important to research and understand the laws in the area to have the best cannabis experiences.


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