Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay (Chukaenge Nahi) Play at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh

Tagore theatre, Chandigarh is always ready to entertain people with the plays performed by talented artists. Once again the stage has been set up for a hindi comedy play that will be performed by Satvik Art Society. The play has been titled as ‘Chukaenge Nahi’, that has originally been written in Italian namely ‘Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay’. Chandigarh will be experiencing the International play in desi style in the city. ‘Chukaenge Nahi’ has been performed in 35 different countries, now its time for Chandigarh to watch the famous play.

Details of Chukenge Nahi Play

Can't Pay, Won't Pay (Play)

Date: 28 December, 2016.

Day: Wednesday.

Time: 6:30 PM to 7:50 PM.

Venue: Tagore Theatre, Sector 18 B, Chandigarh.

Tickets: Rs 100.

About the play Chukenge Nahi?

‘Chukaenge nahi’ (Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay) will be performed in Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh on 28th December. The play has been originally written in Italian by Nobel prize winner play written by Dario- Fo. Italian version of the play was titled as ‘Non Si Paga, Non Si Paga’, that has been regarded as Fo’s best- known play internationally after accidental death of an anarchist. Fo has written the play in 1974, and by 1990 it has been performed in 35 countries of the World.

The Hindi adaption of the play has been titled as ‘Chukaenge Nahi’ and has been pen down by Amitabh Shrivastav. The play is all about a comedy of consumer backlash against high prices. ‘Chukaenge Nahi’ is set in an economically depressed working class neighborhood in Italy where food prices are too high.

No we are not going to reveal the comedy part of the play because the play will be performed in your city beautiful Chandigarh. So be a part of the audience for the play and find out what situation Italy people face due to such high prices at the supermarket.


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