This Carjacking Incident (At Gunpoint) in Panchkula Will Shock You

Sector 20 in Panchkula (Haryana) is becoming the new hub for crimes with criminals targeting females in the area especially to drive away with their vehicles.

A case of robbery and kidnapping was registered in Panchkula against an unidentified carjacker who drove off a Renault Duster, bearing a Punjab  registration number from Panchkula’s busy Sector 20 market. The car belonged to Manish Kumar, 35, an engineer at Infosys.

Who was inside the SUV?

The engineer was accompanied by his wife and their 5-year old kid.

What happened?

The victim told the police that in the sector 20 market he stepped off the vehicle near a roadside vendor to buy fruits and vegetables. He was still buying the stuff when he found his Duster being driven away by someone else. He raised an alarm but the car robber drove off in a fraction of a second. The thief pointed a pistol at the head of the engineer’s wife and warned her against raising alarm but she managed to jump off the vehicle.

What went wrong?

The keys were in ignition and the car was not locked. These two small mistakes gave chance to the unidentified offender to get inside the car and drive off.

Shock for the carjacker

Though all this happened in few seconds but by the time the carjacker managed to drive away the SUV, the engineer’s wife managed to open the door and jump off. She just forgot their 5-year child is in the backseat of the car, but by the time she could realize this, the car had vanished in darkness. The carjacker had no clue that he will be driving away with a baby in the car.

What did the couple do?

The couple raised an alarm for their car being driven off as well as their son being kidnapped. A car driver helped the couple to chase the speeding SUV for a distance but eventually lost track of the vehicle. After losing the track the couple rushed to the police station which was merely 500 metres from the site of the incident and reported the matter.

Identity of the carjacker

The wife of the victim informed the police that due to darkness she was not able to see the face of the criminal clearly but he was wearing a white shirt and appeared to be in 20s.

What did the vehicle thief do with the child?

He abandoned the boy 6 km away from the crime spot outside the Domino’s Pizza at VIP Road in Zirakpur. The boy was found crying by a Domino’s employee who informed the police using the school identity card that the child was carrying.

Women easy target

After two similar cases reported in sector 20 market this year, Police suspects that in this case too, the carjacker aimed to drive away with the woman.

Not the first crime incident in sector 20 Panchkula

In May 2017, a teacher of Army Public School, Chandimandir, went missing from the Sector 20 market, Panchkula. She was accompanied by her 15-year-old son and they had gone to buy pizza from the market. Her body was found hours later inside her car and was stabbed 25 times.

In another case in January this year, a carjacker drove away Hyundai i-20 with a 21-year old engineering student in the second seat who was later allegedly raped at gunpoint in sector before being abandoned.

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