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This 84 year Old Lady is fighting since 8 years to get her home evacuated from tenants in Chandigarh | Where’s the Justice?


We all know Chandigarh as one of the most greenest, cleanest and happiest city of India. Even BBC termed Chandigarh as a perfect city of the world. But does this mean that everything in Chandigarh is perfect? Well, at least the laws governing landlords and tenants are not. This story is about a 84 year old woman named “Sheila Emile” ...

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An Open Letter to Modi Ji for Not including Chandigarh in First 20 Smart Cities of India – Ajay Deep


Dear Modi Ji, I appreciate all the hard work you are doing for India and am glad for all the amazing projects started by you. BUT, being a citizen of India (the country you work for) and a resident of Chandigarh (where you came last week with the President of France), I would like to take the liberty of putting my ...

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