CBSE Class 12th Result 2017 Gets Delayed Due to Delhi High Court Verdict on Grace Marks Policy

CBSE Class 12th results of 2017 has created a lot of buzz in the nation due to its delay that has happened this year. Calling CBSE’s decision of scrapping the moderation policy which was being implemented this year onwards as “unfair and irresponsible”, Delhi High Court has finally given a verdict. The judgement says that implementation of the “scrapping of moderation policy” could not be done in this year’s class 12th CBSE 2017 results.

The same though if CBSE wants to implement could be done on the Class 12th board examination results of the next year.

CBSE Class 12th Result of 2017 : The Delay Story

Owing to the constant conflict and CBSE’s declaration of not giving out grace marks to students who marginally flunk the exams, CBSE made an announcement post conducting its examinations of Class 12th board exams of 2017 whose result was eagerly awaited on May 24,2017 by anxious and nervous students, parents, teachers and schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Now, students who were not prepared for such abrupt decisions are even more stressed and furthermore delay in the results which is may be due to this or other hidden causes, of aspirants of Class 12th results of 2017 are the innocent victims of the same.

 Class 12th results of 2017, At a glance :

  • CBSE declared to rule out “moderation policy” while marking papers of Class 12th results of 2017
  • The decision got opposed by many associated with the results of class XII th board exams this year
  • It resulted in filing of a case against the CBSE’s decision which led to delay
  • The Delhi HC verdict accuses CBSE for being “unjust and unfair” to class 12th board exam appearing students of 2017
  • CBSE now to revise the entire system and re-check implementing HC’s ruling might lead to further delay
  • HC further states the ruling could be applied from next year on i.e. CBSE Class 12th 2018 results

CBSE Class 12th Result of 2017 to be declared when?

Most likely to be declared on May 27,2017 i.e. on Saturday by the end of the May month, CBSE shall declare the results of Class 12th board exams of 2017. The most awaited result of every year which becomes the deciding factor of many other exams like Engineering entrance examinations which are dependant on Class 12th CBSE results every year to declare their own results after assigning requisite weightage to Class 12th CBSE’s board exam results also remain pending, which is sad!

Class 12th Result of 2017 by CBSE 

The repercussions causing ripple effects are not only seen on the students who were expecting their class 12th board exam results in the year 2017 by the May end. But now has also gripped CBSE’s staff and authorities responsible for working out on their checking methodologies again. The criteria based on which the papers of Class 12th board examinations have to be marked prior to declaration of the results of Class 12th in 2017 has to be worked out encore.

Well, we neither can predict precisely as to why the results of class 12th board exams of 2017 got delayed nor can anybody tell as to when exactly they are going to be out soon! All we can do is hope and pray and keep a tab on for for further information.

Source : Livemint

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