CBSE ‘Marks Moderation Policy’ 2017 is Hampering Results | Here’s What you Need To Know

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) removed its ‘Marks Moderation Policy’ recently, adding up to students nervousness who appeared for the 12th and 10th 2017 board exams. A parent and a lawyer filed a petition in the Delhi High court against CBSE, one of the top educational boards of India for shedding the ‘moderation policy’ with immediate effect.

The grace marks policy was invalidated right after the students appeared for the 2017 board examinations through a notification.

The CBSE’s ‘Marks Moderation Policy’

Under the ‘Marks Moderation Policy’ also called as ‘Grace Marks Policy’ the students appearing for the board examinations were awarded 15% grace marks for attempting difficult questions.

Due to the moderation policy:

  • Students passing marks get inflated by 15%.
  • The inflated scores then leads to setting 100% cut off marks by colleges.
  • The 100% cutoff makes admissions impossible for those who are behind by 1 or 2 marks.

Delhi High Court Opposing CBSE

The petition filed against the CBSE board claims that it was immoral on the boards part to declare the moderation policy invalid right after the commencement of the exams.

The High Court of Delhi has termed the dismissal of the grace marks policy as “unfair and irresponsible”. The court wants the board to implement its policy for the students who gave the 2017 examinations and give it up in the next year.

The removal of CBSE moderation policy or Grace marks policy would direly affect the students and their admission processes in the Universities. Though the CBSE board pleaded the Delhi University to act leniently in case of CBSE students during the admissions but it was in vain.

The state board of Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadi, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have decided to remove the grace marks policy in the upcoming year in contrast to the other states. Making the students from the former states to score more than the later.

The CBSE board has not taken the consensus of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination and other State Boards before changing its policy which has further annoyed the petitioners.

The grace marks policy will not be dissolved completely by the board and will be implemented only when a student would require additional marks to clear its examinations.

Anyhow, whatever the CBSE’s decision might be in the future may it be in favour of the hard working students. As of now, students who appeared for 12th Class 2017 under CBSE board are awaiting their result.

Source: HT, Image Source = Indian Express

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