CBSE Allows Sale of NCERT Books and Stationery Inside School Campus

Now students studying in CBSE affiliated schools can purchase NCERT books within their campus. Yes, that’s right. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has allowed the sale of NCERT books and stationeries inside the school premises. These NCERT book shops in CBSE schools will be started by the name of ‘tuck’ shops.

CBSE allows sale of NCERT books

CBSE has amended its April circular and has now allowed its affiliated schools to open their stationery shops to sell them on their premises to sell NCERT books and other study materials for the students. In the circular, it was also mentioned that tuck shops will be the distribution channel of all types of NCERT books for which the order will be placed online on the official website. In fact, all the CBSE affiliated schools are advised to register and get the orders for books placed via the online portal for the academic years 2018-19 that NCERT had launched off lately.

Why CBSE ordered ban on NCERT books sale earlier 

CBSE had earlier this year, in the month of April had ordered the ban on selling of NCERT books, stationery and uniform within the compound of all its affiliated schools. The board had ordered the ban of the sale of books and uniforms to stop the operation of any commercial establishments within the school complex.

However, apart from this, NCERT had started its own web portal for purchasing and ordering books online. The website of NCERT has been successful and have allowed students as well as their parents to buy textbooks online conveniently and get the home-delivery. Apart from selling textbooks in tuck shops, the board has also ordered to sell ‘other materials’ but haven’t clarified what do other materials comprise of. 

Well, this is an extremely commendable initiative taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to start selling off NCERT books within the premises of the schools. The ‘tuck shops’ will prove to be a convenient retail place for the students as well as for their parents. The board has in a way saved people from getting harassed by the private publishers who sell same textbooks at higher prices.



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