Here’s How CBSE is Promoting NCERT Books Over Private Publishers for School Students

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has warned all the affiliated schools for selling the books of private publishers inside their premises. Nowadays, many schools are following books other than NCERT and also selling them inside their premises. 

CBSE allows the schools to open small outlets inside their premises with the condition that they should sell only the NCERT books and stationery. The board does not allow schools to sell the books published by any private publisher.

CBSE asks Schools to Follow NCERT Books Only

Earlier in April 2017, CBSE had asked the schools to stop selling books, stationery, and uniforms inside their premises or getting indulged in any commercial activities. CBSE also issued a circular to schools to stop following books other than NCERT. Now the board has issued a fresh circular allowing the schools to sell only the NCERT books and stationery items in the tuck shops. CBSE also stated that it will take strict action against the schools that are found violating the rules.

On May 2, 2017, the Delhi High Court has directed the CBSE that it must ensure that schools should not sell books, stationery and uniforms or get indulged in any other commercial activities. It is the responsibility of schools that vendors in tuck shops should sell the books and other items at MRP or less than MRP. Moreover, CBSE says that no school should force the students of parents to buy the book or stationary from their shops. Students and parents are free to buy the books and other material from inside or outside shops. Also, the schools should not force the students to follow the books of private publishers.  

CBSE Issued Instructions to Schools for Selling Books

The CBSE has also issued instructions for running tuck shops inside the school premises. CBSE stated that tuck shops in the schools should sell only the NCERT books, and not sell books of private publishers. Also, they should sell the stationary items like pencil, pen, eraser, notebooks, sharpener, blank sheets, etc. for the convenience of students. No shops in the school should charge for NCERT books and stationery items more than the MRP. 

There are approximately 20,000 schools affiliated to the CBSE across the country.



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