CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam on March 16, 2018 | Follow 7 Golden Rules & Important Tricks To Score More

Class 10th Board Exam is on March 16, 2018 with Science syllabus piling up for students. Here're some ground rules to score better this time.

CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018 are going on with students getting anxious about the same. As per the date sheet for the CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018, Science exam is on March 16.  We disclose a few important tips and tricks for candidates to crack down and decode the CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam.

Here’s how score better in the Science test comprising of Physics, Chemistry & Biology sections. Read on to know 7 Golden Rules to ride on high scores in the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Science board exam 2018 this year.

CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018 | Science Paper on March 16, Check Preview

Available & already out online on the official website of the education board, students must check time table, sample papers and marking scheme of each subject. The material is available for both the board classes of Class 10th & 12th for the candidates to check.

The Science board exam for Class 10th which is scheduled to be held on March 16, 2018 has made students nervous already. The CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018  which commenced from March 5 this month. Students have a complete day to strategize their preparation mode for the same.

The complete division of science subject is into four parts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Miscellaneous Chapters consisting of environmental parts. Candidates aspiring to crack CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam 2018 with a good score shall definitely check for the weightage of each chapter.

They shall not study them as one single chapter but comprise a group of chapters belonging to a certain section into a single unit. Post this, they should carry out an exhaustive and aggregated approach while carefully going through them.

CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam 2018 | 7 Golden Rules To Score More

For instance, a Biology Unit shall comprise of life process, control and coordination, reproduction & heredity chapters. Perform all intext & textbook questions by hand with well labelled and neat diagrams. Similar carry out an exhaustive approach for Chemistry & Physics with other miscellaneous units.

Read question paper thoroughly. Try and attempt Section- B in first fifteen minutes. Make neat well labelled diagrams wherever necessary. Keep atleast 15 minutes at the end for revision. Make short keynotes and underline important technical terms in the answers.

While attempting CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam 2018, ensure legible writing and understandable language. Do not try making your own language while attempting the law questions. Laws need to be ‘stated’ as it as rather than be explained.

We wish all the candidates preparing for next CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam 2018 all the best!

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