CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018 | Today’s Paper Analysis & Critical Review

CBSE conducted Social Science exam paper for Class X board students today on March 22, 2018. Check out detailed exam analysis & review online.

CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018 was the most feared test paper this year. Students were equally anxious than bewildered about their preparation for the vast syllabus in Social Science subject. The board exam conducted by CBSE for Class X students in Social Science turned out to be a great anxiety affair.

While most students found the Social Studies question paper difficult than the rest of the papers, others complained on it being lengthy. The CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam of March 22, 2018 has shaken many off from their complacent mode. Check out and read on to know about the detailed paper analysis & exam review of CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018 here online.

CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018 | Paper Was Difficult Than Others

Breaking the prejudice of tough test papers set by CBSE, the board this year had curtailed the practice. CBSE has put forth many questions in CBSE Class 10th board exams 2018 of great practical importance. The ever evolving needs of changing times have been taken care of pretty efficiently by the education board.

The same practice which was reflected in CBSE Class 10th other exams was missing in Social Science question paper of today. The questions were rather difficult in CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018. Also, it involved a lot of time required for thinking as most questions were tricky. This even made the paper all the more lengthy.

Although, questions were from NCERT syllabus, no direct questions were found in today’s CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam question paper. Students found the map question quite easy and scoring while others were stuck at attempting the HOTS questions.

A perfect example of smart work ruling over hard work, the CBSE Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2018 is not much scoring this time. Those who would have prepared thoroughly could crack the test. The overall analysis reveal paper of higher difficulty level than the rest and above average scores are expected from candidates only.

Check Feedback & Exam Review of Today’s CBSE Class 10 Social Science Paper 2018 in Detail

The Social Science question paper of today’s CBSE Class 10th board exam 2018 was right in accordance with the marking scheme and sample paper released by the board online.  Students although pretty much stressed about how well it would go initially.

The education board ensured that their preparation and hard work did not go in vain. Students felt the test paper of long answer type questions a bit too lengthy. But then it was highly expected to be the same as per past trends.

The worsened situation was for most North Indians who opted for Punjabi as an additional and main subject appeared for board exam in it on March 20, 2018. These students only had a day’s gap for Social Science preparation which interfered with their mental calmness.

Central Board of Secondary Education this year ensured that students get to witness a balanced and neutral exam question papers in 2018. But Social Science question paper had an altogether different story to tell. Students now are expecting leniency in marking, evaluation and checking today’s test paper.

We wish all the students for their next major exam of CBSE Class 10th Maths board exam, all the best !


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