CBSE Class 10th Board Exam 2017 Result to be Declared Today | Check Now

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) would finally declare the result of Class 10th board exams of 2017 today. CBSE has ended its silence over declaration of its Class 10th board examination results of 2017 this year. With new updation seen on the CBSEs official website, the students who are bearing the entire brunt of what they say “Lack of coordination and prevalent ignorance” portrayed by the board finally have a sigh of relief as CBSE site displays notification of declaring result of Class 10th board examinations 2017 on June 3,2017 . CBSE on the other hand has finally ended its calm over the entire issue and controversies that revolved around the CBSE’s Class 10th exam 2017 result this year which would be declared moments from now at

CBSE Class 10th Board Exam 2017 Result to be Declared Today 

While lots of speculations around had said that the CBSE’s Class 10th board examination result of 2017 would be out by today, an official word in the form of a notification at CBSE website by the end of CBSE had stated results that results of Class 10th CBSE 2017 would be out today. Prior to now, no such update at the official website of CBSE board was found to be released which could mention the exact date of CBSE’s result declaration of Class 10th 2017 exams.

Bewildered students panicked their hearts out and nobody listened to that. Earlier, CBSE had created a lot of fuss regarding scrapping the moderation policy which meant students would not be getting any grace marks in their 2017 Class 10th Board CBSE exams which eventually was snubbed by the court. Therefore, Class 12th board exam results of 2017 were graciously declared by CBSE.

CBSE Class 10th Board Exam 2017 : Result Today

While it was thought and much talked about going viral at every internet website keeping a tab on the CBSE’s Class 10th board examination results of 2017 to have been declared on June 2,2017 but official notification released says the results of Class 10th board exams of 2017 by CBSE board would be announced today on June 3,2017.

CBSE makes sure that they release the notification stating the exact date of announcement which has been done already by CBSE and related authorities so far, which tested patience of students, teachers and parents to another level of saturation.

Eagerly awaited Board Examination results of Class 10th 2017 by CBSE has already crossed all the deadlines of what they say, a students’ patience and agony. Inviting wrath of some and empathy for many, all we wish and pray is that CBSE makes a move in the right direction.

Wasn’t it too late already? We know it is. But, it is advisable to have a bit more patience which has brought all the aspiring candidates to this level as the results of 2017 Class 10th board exams by CBSE would be just round the corner and would be uploaded on the official website of CBSE by today i.e. on June 3,2017 soon.

Source : CBSE

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