CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 | Score Good in Reading Comprehension (RC) Section

CBSE English Board Exam scheduled on March 12, 2018 for students of Class 10th. Check marking scheme, sample papers and tips to score full marks in RC here.

CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 is going to be conducted on March 12 this month as per the date sheet cum time table online. The details of each subject of CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018 are readily available on the official website of the education board at online.

Students taking CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018 can check English exam sample papers, important questions, marking scheme & other details here. We go a step forth to notify them about the challenges encountered in CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 and how to counter them and score better marks in test.

CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 | Check RC Portion, Marks Allotted & Other Details Here

Candidates who face difficulty with the RC section of CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 as Section A must go through the details herein. The CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 comprises of three sections in total namely Section A, B and C. The candidates who feel RC part as most difficult indeed is the most scoring section in the exam.

The entire norm that makes Reading Comprehension enable candidates fetch the maximum marks in the CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 is due to availability of answers within the passages itself. Candidates need not even apply analytical skills to arrive at the answer in such a case. Some common sense and mere presence of mind is enough to get full marks in CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam 2018 Section A Reading passages carrying 20 marks in the test.

How To Score Full Marks in Reading Comprehension (RC) Section in Class 10 CBSE English Board Exam 2018

Candidates can readily score full marks in totality in Section A of CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam in RC. There are a few tricks which candidates must implement to its finest execution and wait for the results thereafter. Students must take a look at the entire question paper within first few minutes of the reading time which starts at 10:15 am. Till 10:30, Central Board of Secondary Education grants a 15 minutes reading time for students to go through the question paper for all the subjects in CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2018.

Then candidates must directly come on to the Section A and read the questions of RC first even before reading the passage itself. This shall ensure candidates get a overall idea of the type pf questions asked and them read the passage itself. Since, they are not allowed to attempt questions and write in the reading time, they shall only keep the line and para gist in their minds.

While many would start reading the passage by 10:30 am, you would be half done reading it with answers in your minds ready for the upcoming questions. This saves time, improves attempt and increases accuracy for students to fetch maximum marks in CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam.

So, all those fearful candidates of CBSE Class 10th English Board Exam, follow these simple tricks, practice some sample question papers, catch hold of marking scheme and get ready to ride on high scores in the test. All the best !


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