CBSE Class 12th Biology Exam 2018 – 1/3rd Question Paper Application Based | Today’s Analysis & Review

CBSE conducted Biology exam for Class XII science students today. Check detailed exam analysis, review and feedback here.

CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018 generated mixed reviews from candidates today. With having many confusing questions as sub-parts in the test, students had a different story to tell. The biology question paper of CBSE Class 12th  board exam was entirely based on CBSE marking scheme and exam pattern.

For details about CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam on March 27, 2018, its analysis and review, read on.

CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018 | Check Detailed Exam Analysis Here

Students who took today’s CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018 today felt the test paper of slightly higher difficulty level. Many could not easily attempt the same by virtue of confusing questions in the paper. Plenty of five marker questions having sub-parts made the test paper lengthy for them to attempt.

It is believed that CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam question paper has always been a difficult one. Well, not exactly the test paper was difficult to attempt. But when compared to its contemporaries, the facts were proven right.

Many students felt disappointed with lesser number of diagram based questions in CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018. Science students felt not enough content could be generated for the one or two marker questions in CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018.

Critical Review & Feedback for CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018

The questions from the NCERT textbooks were not although pretty direct, but none was out of syllabus for sure. As expected more than 1/3rd of the Biology question paper of CBSE class XII board exam 2018 today was from application based questions. Approximately 20% of the questions were from HOTS.

Higher Order Thinking Skills questions have always scared students. It did nothing different today. Every alternative question was moulded to form a trick question. Unless a candidate read it more than twice or brainstormed to arrive at the answer, they could not attempt the CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018.

Although, many exam experts feel that the CBSE Class 12th Biology Board Exam 2018 of today was above average. Any person who had gone word by word for NCERT could readily attempt the test. The board shall conduct Class 10th Maths board exam tomorrow.

We wish all the candidates appearing for CBSE board exams 2018, all the best !


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