CBSE Class 12th Economics 2018 Board Exam | Chapter-Wise Weightage & Marks Distribution

CBSE shall conduct Economics board exam 2018 for Class XII Commerce students on March 26. Check out important topics before test.

CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018 is scheduled for Commerce students this year on March 26th. Economics being their last major subject in curriculum, only Physical Education exam would be left post this. Students appearing for CBSE board exams 2018 this month are finding question papers for various subjects quite easy and scoring.

With Economics being one of the important majors in CBSE Class XII commerce curriculum, check out the important topics here. Also, chapter-wise weightage is available for the subject. For last years’ question papers and sample papers for CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018, read on to get the gist online.

CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018 | Check Out Chapter-Wise Weightage Here

Commerce students can check this weightage and marks distribution to prepare accordingly. In Macroeconomics as the major division, Consumer Equilibrium, Demand Behaviour & Supply carries around 26 marks out of 40 in the test. Rest 10 marks are allotted to Market,Price and Competition topics. Only 4 to Introduction topics.

In Microeconomics which also carries 40 marks in total comprises of many topics. National Income, Determination topics & employment one for 22 marks.While money banking, balance of payments and government budget and economy carries 6 marks each. Facts have been stated for CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018, you know what to do now.

CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018 | Sample Papers & Marking Scheme

A good preparation strategy definitely fetches more score in the CBSE board exams 2018. This is on the account of smart work done by the candidate whilst preparing for CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018. Candidates who are thorough with their preparation can revise the important topics.

Practice yields amazing results as there is no alternate way to improve one’s score. Students can easily ensure 65+ marks on the basis of weightages assigned to chapters in CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018. Rest there is no shortcut to success and no substitute for hard-work. Students are also advised to go by the past trends in the upcoming Economics exam to score better this year.

Check CBSE Class 12th Economics Board Exam 2018 marking scheme and sample papers on official link online. Candidates can visit online to check previous years’ question papers and other details about Economics subject here.

All the best to all Commerce stream Class 12th students appearing for CBSE Economics board exam on March 26, 2018.


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