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CBSE has released the date sheet of Compartment Examination of Class 12th board exams of 2017 on its official website. Students of Class 12th under CBSE board who had to appear for the Compartment Examination in 2017 by CBSE can check the notification online. With so much of delay this year that CBSE made in declaring the result of Class 12th board exams and the chaos that took the nation by storm with its moderation policy decisions, CBSE has gone pretty stringent with its norms as related to releasing dates sheets, results, notifications etc. online.

CBSE Class 12th 2017 Compartment Exam Date Sheet Out

Also called as the ‘Senior School Compartmental Examination’ of 2017 conducted by the ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’ i.e. CBSE as a move to allow candidates who could not make it to acquire the pass marks in the Class 12th CBSE Board examinations of 2017 this year, the board has released an official notification online. The notification as released by CBSE deals with declaration of Exam Date, Day, Duration, Schedule and Important Instructions pertaining to CBSE Class 12th Compartment Examination which acts as an ‘Improvement Exam’ for providing students of Class 12th CBSE Board Class to have another opportunity to improve their score.

CBSE Class 12th 2017 : Notification

The official notification as released by CBSE deals with following key points. Take a look :

  • The Compartment Examination 2017 of  CBSE Class 12th is scheduled on July 17,2017 i.e. Monday
  • The duration of Compartment Examination of Class 12th is of 3 hours starting 10:30 am onwards
  • The Compartment Examination of Class 12th of CBSE in 2017 is scheduled for ‘All Subjects’
  • Important instructions pertaining to the Compartment Examination of Class 12th are also stated in the notice
  • Candidates shall get answer booklets to fill in details at 10:00 am
  • The 15 minute extra time to read and strategise the question paper is also granted from 10:15 am to 10:30 am
  • Besides theory examinations, practical tests shall also be a part of the Compartment Examination of Class 12th
  • The examination centre for both the theory and practical exams of Compartment Examination of Class 12th is same
  • Practical tests to be conducted within 3 days of scheduled the theory exam of Compartment Examination of Class 12th
  • The duration of two exceptional exams of subjects like Music and Physical Education depends of Examiner’s discretion
  • The tentative date of result declaration  of Compartment Examination of Class 12th CBSE would be second week of Aug,2017

Check Official notification here :


All the candidates who are preparing hard to appear for the CBSE Compartment Examination of Class 12th on July 17,2017, we wish them all the very for the same this year.

Source: CBSE

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